How to Blog  For Real Estate Agents

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How to blog for real estate agents

Last time we talked about Facebook Marketing, this week we are going to discuss blogging. Focusing on branding and marketing yourself includes starting, and maintaining, a blog. Getting your name out there and in front of people is a great way to get more business. Blogging isn’t something that will get you new business right away, but it will help in creating and maintaining your internet presence. Here are some tips on how to blog.


Blog Topics


The first thing you need to focus on when learning how to blog is topics. When considering what to write your blog posts on, consider your audience. Who are you trying to reach? As a real estate agent, your target audience is essentially anybody in your local area. It doesn’t matter if they are buying or selling a home right now. You want to be in front of anybody around you.


Your topics should be inviting for everybody, not just people looking buying or selling right now. The goal is to get in front of people and provide them with relevant information. To do this, you will need a variety of topics to post. Some ideas can include local area events, home improvement tips, home decorating ideas, mortgage information, and buying and selling tips. When somebody reads your blog, they should walk away feeling informed about what they were looking for. 


How to Blog with SEO


Have you heard of SEO? Do you know what it means if you have? It means Search Engine Optimization. In blogging, this means to use relevant keywords so that your blog can be found when people use those search words. You will need to use these keywords throughout your blog and in your images to have an impact. In learning how to blog, you will need to learn to find which keywords will work for you by using a keyword search. There are multiple sites that offer that capability. 


If you have a Wordpress website, you can also add a plugin to help with your SEO. This will verify your keyword density, your blog length, and also rate the readability of your post. It also gives you tips on what you can do to improve your SEO and readability.


How to Write a Good Blog Post


Writing a good blog post is important When you are learning how to blog, you need to be able to make an impact on your reader. Focus on what the reader needs, not what you need. Bragging about yourself can be a bad idea because it can come off wrong to the reader. The way to talk yourself up, without actually saying it, is to prove your expertise through your posts. Using relevant, helpful, and updated information in your blog posts is the best way to show that you know what you are talking about. 


Your title should be catchy and include your keyword. Your first paragraph should get right to the point about the topic of the post. Rambling on and on to reach a higher word count won’t help you. Consider when you are reading something. Do you continue to read if it is repetitive or rambling? Give fresh information, and keep it to the point as much as possible. 


When your blog post is coming to an end, make a conclusion. Ask for feedback, opinions, or suggestions. Engaging with your readers is something to strive for. Building relationships is your business, and learning how to blog can help do that. 


Still aren’t sure if you are up for the task of learning how to blog? We can help! Call us at 202-469-6774. You can also schedule an appointment online to meet your schedule! 

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