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$2.6 Billion in Construction at Ft. Bliss

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Ft. Bliss is expected to have about $2.6 billion in construction. This is going on to support the 20,000 soldiers and 30,000 family members expected to arrive at the post over the next 4 years. Most of this is to put in place a new infrastructure at Biggs airfield. This includes new ranges, a new commissary, Post Exchange, housing, office, medical centers and more. The construction work is to be bid on and so far most of the major contracts have been given to out of town builder.

Most of the local builders do not have the experience at bidding government contracts. This does not mean they will completely be left. Some may find work through sub contracting while others may still get lucky and win a bid. There will be plenty of work either way since many of the soldiers will find themselves living off post. There are many developments off post that are being worked out to deal with such a large demand of incoming renters and potential buyers. With the army trying to make it so troops would be at a unit longer, more people may just buy instead of renting.

John Rogers

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