Benefits of Living in a Single Story Home

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It is generally considered that houses and properties with multiple floors are luxurious and more valuable. However, single story homes are much more convenient and in some cases even provide more living space! If we look at it from the convenient living perspective, single story homes are definitely a much better option. Even though in terms of value everyone would rather turn to multiple story homes, single story homes are actually the right properties too look at if you’re seeking safety and convenience! Here are the benefits of living in a single story home!


Single story homes for sale in Las Vegas - The #1 market in 2018 according to has seen over 20% increase in demand and pricing due to low inventory. 

#1 Who needs stairs?


But seriously, who really needs stairs? Isn’t it better having everything you need in one place without having to go up and down dozens of times a day? Single story homes provide the convenience and functionality of having all your utilities readily available nearby. Plus, besides the inconvenience of having to climb stairs frequently, you can come across other problems as well. For example, if you’re living in an older property, the stairs can get squeaky. You surely don’t want to wake up the whole family when getting up in the middle of the night for a snack! Without stairs, it is much easier to move around the property without dangers of falling and injuring yourself.



#2 Wide floor plans


Single story homes usually have wider floor plans than multiple story ones. This provides you with more open living space, which is something that is very high in demand on the market at this time. People are frequently looking for open living areas with more natural light and air, which adds value to the single story properties. Without multiple floors, these properties can feature much higher ceilings. Not only that these types of ceilings are elegant and scream luxury but they also allow for larger windows and thus more natural light inside the home!


#3 Much easier to clean


Having stairs takes cleaning to a whole new level of difficulty. Imagine having to carry a vacuum up and down the stairs to get all rooms cleaned or having double bathrooms that need double cleaning! It gets even worse when you realize you have to vacuum each step individually. What a nightmare! Single story homes are much easier to clean, as you can move from one to the other side of the house and get everything done in the right order. Plus, there are no extra bathrooms to take your time!


#4 Single story homes are more energy efficient


If you wish to cut down your electric bill, choosing a single story property for your new home is the best option. Single story homes are much easier to heat and cool. Without air being distributed to multiple floors, your home will heat up or cool down much faster, saving you a lot of money on your monthly utilities bill. Besides lower bills, which is something everyone is looking for, in single story homes you are less likely to encounter malfunctions and technical issues, so you will also be spending less money on repairs.


#5 More living space


It seems kind of logical to assume that double story properties offer more living space. However, that is not necessarily the case! Just because a property has two floors it doesn’t mean there is more space to use than in single story properties. In fact, some single story properties even offer more living space and those that offer less space allow you to use that area more efficiently. Stairs also take up a lot of space, both on the ground and on the upper floor, whereas in single story homes this space can be used for something more functional and convenient.


#6 Safer housing option to live in


If you look at it from a safety perspective, there’s no doubt that single story homes are the safer option to choose. The chances of domestic injuries are much lesser in single story homes than in ones that have stairs. This is especially important if you have children or elderly people living with you. Aging in the house is also much easier without having to climb stairs every day. As effortless as it seems to younger generations, climbing stairs frequently is very tiring for the older ones. When it comes to children, their running around the house can result in serious injury if there are stairs involved. Overall, single story homes are a much safer choice if safety is one of your priorities in your new home.


#7 More convenient for handicapped people


It is obvious that stairs are completely inconvenient for disabled people and there is no need to emphasize the importance of functional living space for them. However, what you should consider are the possibilities of suffering an injury that may leave you temporarily unable to go up and down the floors in your house. Imagine having to climb the stairs with a cast on your leg, especially when no one is around! In these situations you will be very glad that you chose a single story home over a multiple floors one!




Those were the seven biggest benefits of living in a single story home! Some people consider another benefit being the ability to better design and decorate a home when all rooms are on the ground floor. However, that is more a matter of personal preference in terms of appearance and design. In general, single story homes are a good choice when purchasing real estate properties because they are safer and more convenient. You will spend less time struggling to clean everything up and you will be able to use all available living space more effectively. On top of it all, the energy efficiency of single story homes is what wins most buyers over. Due to the fast heating and cooling you will be able to save money on your electric bills every month. Make sure to keep these benefits in mind if you’re planning on purchasing a real estate property any time soon!



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