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Help Me With My Mortgage!  It Is A Tough One!!

Not everyone can walk into a bank and get a mortgage to buy a house.  Not everyone fits the "perfect" mold.  As a matter of fact, I would say the MOST people don't fit that mold.


One great thing about being a Mortgage Broker is that I have the availability of dozens of mortgage programs that will fit just about everyone's needs.  Where as Bank has typically less than 10 and they mostly have the same or similar guideline, I have the advantage of being able to see your situation and then go find a lender that will do it!

The days of "I've banked there all my life" are over.  Banks sell all (a few exceptions) of there loans into the secondary market and the secondary market will only buy loans that meet their guidelines.  It becomes the trickle down affect.  


I have the ability to do all of those types of mortgages as well.  And I do.  Specializing in personalized service---because it is just me!  But in addition, I have mortgages that don't fit the secondary guideline market and I can still do them.

Are you self-employed and turned down?   Do you have an ITIN?  Have you been on your job a short time?   Do you have low credit scores?  Have you had a foreclosure?  A bankruptcy? Don't have much money?

There are mortgage programs that fit many of those things.  They all have guidelines, too, but much easier to fulfill.



So don't be afraid!  If you have been turned down don't take it personally and just assume that the bank didn't have a program to match to you.  Maybe I do.

Call me for a free pre-qualification.  I don't have a website for you to "apply" on.  I am a little old school and want to get to know you.d

I am waiting to hear from you................................

Pamela Madore

Pamela Madore Mortgage
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