Use Drag & Drop Widgets for the Best Real Estate Website Design

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Designing your own real estate websites is tough. Coding them yourself is even tougher. As a real estate agent, your job is to buy and sell real estate, and all that encompasses those goals, like meeting with clients, hosting open houses, and the like. Your real estate websites should facilitate that, not provide you with more work to complete. Having to learn to code, and then having to code your websites, is simple overkill. You only have so much time in the day and it must be spent wisely.

Why You Need Drag & Drop Functionality?

It is unreasonable for you to code your website yourself, especially when considering that real estate agents do not need to know how to code, and coding is a full time job in itself. Instead, use the time-saving alternative of drag & drop widgets. All you need to do with widgets is click and drag elements on the webpage to where you want them. Simple. Done. Setting up your real estate website has never been easier, or faster.

You also do not need to worry about visitor accessibility when using drag & drop widgets. Everything just works. If you do not like the placement of a certain widget on your website, simply click and drag the widget to a new location. Widgets are one of the simplest forms of webpage management and creation that every working professional should take advantage of and use, not just real estate agents like yourself.

What Types of Widgets Can I Use in My Real Estate Websites?

The following widgets are popular for real estate agents:

About Section
Map Search Tool
Property Search
Email Alerts
Blog Posts
Featured Listings
Language Translation
City Properties
Quick Buttons
Text Boxes
And more

You have a ton of options to configure your web presence just how you like it. You can add as few or as many as you would like. Every real estate agent has a different perspective on which widgets are better for their needs, or more effective at real estate lead generation. There is no right or wrong way to add and place widgets on your website.

Next Steps for My Real Estate Website

Go through the widgets that you like. Figure out how to configure them. Try different drag & drop arrangements until you find the website template that you like.

Rest assured that you can always change up the configuration in the future, should you want to change the layout of your real estate websites. Finding the perfect layout may take some time. You may want to review the layout of your website every few weeks or so, considering how visitors have been interacting with your website, and whether those visitors have provided you with leads.

Take advantage of drag & drop capabilities, an efficient way to design your website. Avoid making your website creation and maintenance harder than it should be. This is the InCom difference.

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