This Japanese Student Loved Her FFIS Homestay Experience!

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The Friendship Foundation for International Students (FFIS) provides short-term homestay programs at the beginning of the fall, winter, and spring terms.  Incoming University of Oregon international students stay in a local community member’s home for 3-5 days.  They then move to permanent housing in an apartment or dormitory.

This is what a Japanese student wrote about her FFIS homestay experience:

I really appreciate this Friendship Foundation program which gives me an opportunity to meet such a great host family. When I first arrived here, I did not know anything about the city, university and how to start my new life.

But they helped by showing me around the city, going shopping, and acclimating myself to life here. After the university started and I moved to the residence hall, they often invited me for dinner and I especially enjoyed spending Thanksgiving and Christmas with them. It was so nice to be able to experience traditional American ceremonies and actually know what they are like. They let me join their family traditions and I enjoyed a huge, tasty dinner as well.

I really appreciate them for giving me a lot of love just like I was their daughter. The most memorable time for me was just chilling at their home and watching a football game together. They always made me feel so relieved, which I have never felt other than my home in Japan and I remember I fell asleep on the sofa every time I visited their home. I cannot thank them enough for all the help, love, and the great foods they have given me. I am sure they are the best host family for me! Thank you so much for everything and I love you so much.

If you’d like to host an international student in FFIS’ Homestay Program, contact Becky Megerssa, UO Liaison, at 541-346-1436 or

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