How to do a Database Cleanup

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Last time we discussed how to write a blog. This week I want to talk about your database. Thinking about a database cleanup may be overwhelming. Your database is the heart of your business, and it can be so much more if it were organized. Imagine a day where you can schedule an email blast to go out to only buyers who are looking within the next month. Or maybe you want to send out Happy Homeowner Anniversary cards to past clients who purchased a home. It can be as easy as running a report or separating your contacts using tags. It is time to do a database cleanup to make this a reality!


First Step to a Database Cleanup


The first step in doing a database cleanup is to decide what information you want in your database about a client. Are you looking to send out birthday cards to your past clients? Do you want to start a great drip campaign for your prospective sellers? Figure out your goals, and you can figure out your tags and other categories you want in your contact files. 


You want to have tags that will identify your contacts. It is a good idea to use Buyer A, B, and C; Seller A, B, and C; past clients, dead lead, SOI, and Vendor. Tags are used to categorize your contacts for when you want to follow up with them. You may have a monthly newsletter that you send out, but you only want to send it to your past clients. This is done by selecting the specific tag and sending it only to them. 


After you decide on your tags, it is time to add the other items to your contact list. If you want their birthdays on there, add a column for that. Want to add a closing date to all of your past clients, create a column for that. Most databases you will be able to pull a report of these specific items and reach out to them as you see fit. 


Second Step to a Database Cleanup


Now it is time to run a report to include your entire database. Once you have this report run, look at the column names and add any that you want to add. It is the time to divide your list into chunks of 200. This will keep you focused and organized. Trying to tag and find information for a large amount of contacts at one time can seem overwhelming and impossible. Breaking it into smaller sections makes it completely doable. With smaller sections you can add your tags and information, upload it into your database, and take a break if you need to. 


A database cleanup isn’t something that you can accomplish overnight. It will take time, effort, determination, and organization. It will be worth all of the hard work to have an organized, tagged, and informational database. Imagine the possibilities with a working database! Do you only want to deal with tagging your database, we can do the rest! Call us at 202-469-6774. You can also schedule an appointment online to meet your schedule! 

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William Feela
Realtor, Whispering Pines Realty 651-674-5999 No.

O c;ean mine often...waste o money sending stuff to people who no longer would be a client

Jun 27, 2018 05:45 PM