Become a Money Attractor Instead of a Money Repeller

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Become a Money Attractor Instead of a Money Repeller

With the Power of 66


Are you frustrated with where you are financially? 

Do you struggle with how much your services are worth? 

Do you seem to be a never-ending cycle of famine to feast and back to famine again?





Here's how the program works:

The backbone of the program taking what Jen Sincerero assigned us to do in her book, You are a Badass at Making Money and turning that list of list of daily assignments that are easy to implement to create those daily habits to work through your old beliefs and create new opportunities and money beliefs for your life. I added a few powerful lessons and strategies that I have learned to better round out the program.


Each Week You Will Have:



Daily Actions

Daily habits to create new patterns with money. 



Weekly Assignments
Designed to help you discover what is holding you back and how to change your relationship with money to create the wealth you deserve.



Our own facebook community and weekly mastermind to share what you are discovering, learn from other's experiences and give and receive support to create breakthroughs!



Question & Answers about the Money Makeover Program



If 66 is the magic number then why is the program 12 weeks? We really want to set you up for success. The magic of 66 is consistent implementation. If you miss a day or two then you have to start over creating the habit. The 12 weeks provides the extra time to be supported while you create the lasting habits.  

Couldn't I just read/reread the book? Yes, you could just read the book. The value of this program is the breakdown of the content so that it is easily implemented and accountability to actually implement rather than just read the concepts. There is additional value in learning from the community and from each other's shares and insights.  

Should I read the book? You should definitely read the book if you haven’t already. It is great and you will have a better understanding of the material we are covering. You do not need to have completed the book to participate in the program. 

What does it cost? Once released the cost will be $300. As a Beta program, we are reducing the cost to $125.




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