How To Avoid Common Moving Mishaps

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How to Avoid Common Moving Day Mishaps

Moving can be fraught with difficulty, filling the days before and after the big move with stress and exhaustion. Sometimes, given the enormity of what we're facing, we can overlook a few things. Here are some things to consider so you can avoid common moving day mishaps.

What Do I Take?

Packing can be a grueling undertaking in the best of times, but if you've accumulated a lot of possessions, it can be a logistical nightmare. We can find our homes contain a plethora of stuff, from old clothes to long-forgotten magazines. So, before you even start packing your boxes, spend a few days sorting through your belongings. Weigh their value to you and what use they have or could have in the future. Whatever doesn't make the cut can be donated or sold. It can be difficult parting with some things, but you may end up finding the process to be quite liberating. You could memorialize whatever you let go by taking photographs of it. When moving day comes, you'll have less stuff to bring to your new home, and that may also save you some money on moving costs.

Utilize the Professionals

Professional movers and furniture assemblers can be essential to ease a lot of the stress involved in relocating. Gathering all your possessions, furniture, and the like, and then driving them to a new place can be overwhelming (and potentially costly) no matter how well prepared we try to be. The value of using professionals can be overlooked, often to save some money, but this can end up causing avoidable hassle come moving day.  Do not accept a quote over the phone. Someone must come to your house and see your possessions giving you a written quote. Do not hire anyone off of Craigslist. Ask friends, family, neighbors and co-workers for referrals. (See preferred trusted locals at bottom)

When deciding which movers to hire, make sure you do your research and consider budgeting, estimates, and credentials. Thankfully, there are a lot of online resources, like the Better Business Bureau, Angie's List, and the American Moving & Storage Association. There may also be additional local information, whether at the state, county, or town level. It's important to be vigilant so you avoid scams, but it can be a big load off your shoulders once you've found a reputable mover. The same process should apply to furniture assemblers, but they, too, can be invaluable. Hiring a dedicated specialist can save you a lot of time and tedium, giving you the energy to focus on other things.

Give Yourself Enough Time

Packing and moving can create a lot of chaos, but some of that can be avoided by starting your preparations well in advance of the big day. It's a surprisingly common thing to overlook, leaving prospective movers faced with a veritable avalanche of things to do. Save yourself a lot of stress by packing up much earlier, especially considering the extra protections fragile belongings need, and acquiring all the supplies essential to accomplish this. Don't forget to label your boxes clearly to minimize any hassle that may come from unpacking. Organizing this process early on can help streamline the endeavor, so consider creating a calendar that details all the necessary tasks. Also, make to-do lists and delegate specific duties to your family. This approach can help reduce a lot of the strain and hopefully make the transition less exhausting.

Preparing Your New Home

This can be another common thing to forget about when moving, so make sure your new home is in the right condition before moving in. Ensure all your utilities have been transferred and update your address at the post office. Make sure, also, that any repairs have been completed before you move in. Unpacking can be a lengthy process, so take a lot of the basic essentials with you in your car. These include whatever you may need from the get-go, like blankets, paper towels, cleaning supplies, clothing, food, medicine, and toiletries. This can save you from having to unpack immediately, and you can start to settle in at your new pace.

It's so easy to overlook things as you prepare to move. However, the big day doesn't have to be filled with stress and confusion. Arm yourself with these tips, and avoid some of the more common mishaps on your moving day.




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