A millennial wants to buy your house

I know the term "millennial" isn't always used in a flattering way, but I have to give credit where credit is due.

They are buying their first homes in record numbers right now. They are powering the housing market.

In fact, largely thanks to millennials, the homeownership rate just rose for the first time in 13 years!

I am working with a few right now who are already

                                        Fully qualified and 🏡 ready to make a purchase very  soon

I want you to call me so I can help these millenials find a home to buy.  

  • Are you selling your home soon? 
  • Have you been thinking about it? 

Have you heard that prices are up right now? 

It's true. Do you want to know why?

There are not as many homes available as there are people looking. 

The prices are up because inventory is low. It may be the right time for you to sell.

The Wall Street Journal wrote a great piece about the impact of millennials on the housing market that has some additional stats and graphs about the topic: https://www.wsj.com/…/homeownership-rate-rises-in-2017-for-…


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