Why You Need a Blog Platform for Your Real Estate Website

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Word of mouth can only travel so far. Those real estate advertisements that you see, or even commission, on the sides of buses, park benches, and in the local newspaper, are only effective within the local community. If a prospective client does not see your advertisement, it is as if the advertisement does not exist.

There comes a point in every real estate agent’s career when he or she needs to branch out, and increase the proximity of his or her public profile. The simplest way to do this is to set up one or more real estate websites for yourself or for your agency using a blog platform.

The Bottom Line Concerning Real Estate Advertising and Real Estate Websites

When it comes to crafting professional real estate website for your real estate business, you need to do it right the first time. It would be a shame to have spent years carefully honing and cultivating a positive reputation, only to besmirch it with shoddy real estate websites. You need a tried and true solution that has worked for other real estate agents in the past, and can assuredly work for you as well.

You are in luck. Such a solution exists, a blog platform.

Blogging is a great way to reach a diverse audience. You can blog about the future of the housing market one month, and the ten best ways to beautify your home the next month. Blogs can reach a worldwide audience, and can position you as a thought leader and local expert regarding the real estate that you sell (townhouses versus mansions versus condos, etc.).

Why Our Blogging Platform Is Perfect for Your Real Estate Website’s Needs

Using a blog platform to create posts is easy. We made a video about this exact topic, to help you not only create posts, but to see how intuitive and simple InCom’s real estate web and e-marketing solutions can be.

The layout is clean and simple to navigate. Blog posts can be created and edited easily. Formatting options are numerous and common. You can create unique URL paths for your website address. You can even view your blog posts as you create them, before allowing visitors to view the posts publicly.

Prioritize Your Time

As a real estate agent, you need to spend your time on tasks that directly benefit your clients. Tasks like prepping houses for tours, meeting with clients, drafting and editing contracts, marketing homes, and more, are much more important than worrying about whether your real estate websites will work perfectly. Let us worry about that. Our blogging platform solution will ensure that you are maximally effective as a real estate agent.

Set yourself and your agency up for success by outsourcing your blogging platform to the experts: InCom. We have years of experience providing excellent service to real estate agents and industry professionals. We can provide this service to you as well. For more information, contact us today.


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YOu need many diffferent avenues to get your name out there and blogging is just one way

Jul 04, 2018 07:11 PM
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