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Today I got a real treat.  It’s Broker Tour in the South Valley, or also known as Oak Creek and Stagecoach areas.  (There are other places this tour covers, but the dominant properties today are in the Stagecoach area.)  The sun is brilliant and has brought more greens out that only an early morning sun can do.


I’m hosting an Open House for this tour.  Actually, I’ve an Open Tent.  The property I am marketing is 27 acres of lake front lots.  These lots are new to the market and have not been on the market ever (as far as I can tell).  I have expected few brokers to visit because the land is development land.


As the morning has gone on, I’ve been under the tent enjoying big views of mountains and Stagecoach Lake.  Being the Fourth of July, many boaters and fishermen have been making their way around the lake.  No water skiers to be seen yet, though it is a little cool - 65 degrees. A breeze keeps me a little cooler and the smell of sage consistently keeps me company.


To my surprise, I did have brokers visit.  They wanted to know much about the property.  Being an eclectic piece, and full of potential, I got many questions ranging from value per acre developed to what the most recent comparable sale was.  This area of Stagecoach has no utilities, seemingly.  Though in the same subdivision, this land has utilities either on the land or nearby.  The comparable sale is off grid land.  You have to use alternative resources to make life work.


Making life work in a relatively unknown recreation area is something many people dream of.  It is quiet here. In two hours, I have barely seen 10 cars.  I did see Continental Divide racers riding the route past me.  They were doing well, and on day 30!  


Broker Tours are good to get a property exposure.  And today was my lucky day.  It has been almost as if I’m recreating myself.  But, alas, the time is short and I am going back to my office to care for other tasks.  Its a good day when coffee is served with a cool breeze and sunrise colors!

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