Best New Shops & Stores in Ankeny

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Ankeny is BOOMING!


Every corner I turn I see a sign that says or “Now Open” or “Coming Soon!” The small town feel combined with rapid growth is one the best parts about working and living here.


One of my favorite activities (outside of selling dream homes) is discovering new gems in Ankeny. I’m most excited about 5 business that recently opened, and am on pins and needles waiting for 2 other places to open soon.


So, what are the best new shops and stores in Ankeny, Iowa? Let’s find out!




taco-hangover-ankenyTaco Hangover Ankeny - 1631 SW Main Street, Suite 100 Ankeny, Iowa

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo everyday at this turned-up taco shop. Taco Hangover Ankeny opened this March, and has had a packed house from that day on.


After seeing success in West Des Moines and Urbandale, this authentic street food restaurant brought their famous margaritas, tacos and energy up north.


And can I just say, HOLY GUACAMOLE! Their fresh and delicious dip is made to order every time, so I can get it made with extra jalapeno, exactly how I like it. Braovocado, Taco Hangover!


mainstream-boutique-ankenyMainstream Boutique - 1450 SW Vintage Parkway, Suite 150 Ankeny, Iowa

While on a home tour with a client, I noticed she had the cutest shoes on, and had to compliment her on them! She told me they were from a new store called Mainstream Boutique, so of course I stopped by the next weekend, and WOW.


I loved everything in the store. That’s not an exaggeration. From the decor to the dresses, it was all amazing. The Ankeny boutique just opened in February, and I’ve already been back several times.


Even better than their clothing, is the company’s story. Founder Marie DeNicola started the business out of her home and ended up franchising Mainstream Boutique so women around the world could have their slice of success. I love the idea of supporting a locally owned shop, and it doesn’t hurt that they have the cutest shoes around either :)


pure-barre-ankenyPure Barre Ankeny - 1450 SW Vintage Parkway Suite 140 Ankeny, Iowa

Like Mainstream Boutique, Pure Barre Ankeny is also in the ever-growing Prairie Trail area. This full-body workout experience has only been open since May, but I’ve already had friends tell me they see results!


Being a mom of four and an Ankeny real estate agent makes my schedule unpredictable, so I love that Pure Barre offers classes throughout the day. I also enjoy how no two classes are the same. My attention span during workout classes is usually equivalent to a squirrel, but Pure Barre’s exercise sequence is super engaging! You get to workout arms, thighs, butt and abs differently in every single class, so you’ll never get bored.


campus-cycle-ankenyCampusCycle - 1615 SW Main Street Suite 107 Ankeny, Iowa

Speaking of a workout...I’ve never sweat more in my life than I did during a Campus Cycle class. Sounds hard, but It’s easy to lose track of time and calories when high energy trainers and music are in the mix.


An added bonus to the already amazing class, is that each session starts with a warmup time used to set intentions and let go of stressors. It’s a nice way to ease the mind before working out the body.


big-acai-bowls-ankenyBig Acai Bowls - 1711 SW Plaza Pkwy, Ankeny, IA

After an amazing workout at Pure Barre or CampusCycle, what’s on your mind? If your mind works anything like mine, your next thought is, smoothie time! Big Acai Bowls takes that thought to the next level.


Picture this. Your favorite smoothie made with the fresh organic ingredients, blended up, poured into a bowl, and topped with more of your favorite treats. That’s Big Acai Bowls in a nutshell.


I’m not going to lie, I don’t only go post-sweat sessions. I stop by BAB regularly, especially when I’ve got a sweet tooth. Which is always.   




B&B Theatres - The District at Prairie Trail

An entertainment complex including a high-end theatre, in-theatre dining, and bowling alley is in the works! Not much has been released about the mega-multiplex, but I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to see how it turns out.


Public Library - The District at Prairie Trail

The little kid in me, and my actual children, are all excited about the new library coming to Ankeny. The 55,000-square-foot library is over DOUBLE the size and twice the fun of the current library. I can’t wait to hideout in a nook and read all day with the kiddos.


Whoever said that there’s nothing to do in Iowa is greatly mistaken! Just in Ankeny alone, there’s always something new to see, eat, or experience. Whether you live in the area, want to move to Ankeny, or simply searching for a weekend getaway, I highly recommend any of the new shops and store in Ankeny, Iowa.

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