Housing Woes And Alcoholism

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City Of Angels

Living in Los Angeles has its upsides, no doubt. The weather is sunny most of the time, there is always something to do. You've got beaches, mountains, desert and snow no more than 2 hours away. Then there's food and ethnic diversity. I can get tacos, sushi, Pho, mofongo, jerk chicken, kitfo and soul food on any day of the week within about an hour. LA has its perks. 

But you know what? Housing SUCKS. And it's been the bane of my existence for many years now. 



First Attempt To Buy A Home

Three years ago, hubby and I began our housing search. Careers going well, credit scores on the higher end of the scale and a relatively nice amount of cash in tow -- we thought we should have no problem. We were wrong! Even back then it was rough. Back before interest rates began climbing. Back before prices went up. Back before gentrification nearly doubled the prices of homes in our little off-the-radar suburb south of the big city. And we STILL had problems. 

Today it is way harder and we're just priced out. No other way to put it. I mean we could probably offer more than asking price for something way too small for our growing family, but that would make us miserable in the long run. And would be counterproductive to my chief goal of staying sober. 



Housing Woes And Alcoholism

As a recovering alcoholic, I have to remain acutely aware of how I feel about things and only do things that serve in my true best interest.

It took me a while to come out and even admit that I had a problem, but since I've chosen to blog publicly about this in hopes of helping others who have also struggled, I'm doing much better. It's just that... one of the things you HAVE to do when you can no longer drink your problems away is to create a life that excites you more than alcohol

Moving somewhere that makes me feel crushed just because I like the weather is not really an option. I can't just say "oh, I'm frustrated today, let me go have a glass of wine to wash my troubles away". So we gotta go! 



Headed To Atlanta!

We're headed to Atlanta in about a year! I seriously can't wait. I did live there for a couple years while pursuing my undergraduate degree, so I know what to expect. I just... don't know if we can make it a whole year. We might end up renting a slightly larger apartment in the meantime just so I can keep my head together a little bit more. We'll see...


7 Months Sober & Taking It Day By Day

At 7 months sober I feel really good about where I've come and how open I've grown to be. Whether we tough it out in our tiny apartment for the whole year or look to move somewhere else temporarily, I'm confident that the choices I make are the best, most rational ones. 

Along the way, I hope my blogging and relocation and housing adventure can help someone else out there who may be facing anything similar, on all fronts! 



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Keep up the sobriety! You are so right, keep sober and create a life that excites you more than alcohol

Jul 05, 2018 05:40 PM