Special Home Loan Programs For Teachers In Arizona

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Home loan programs are availiable for teachers in Arizona.  The Arizona home loans for teachers assist with low to no down payment, assistance with closing costs, and bonus incentives for teachers in extra down payment assistance.  To qualify for the teacher home loan programs in Arizona contact Joe Hansen at VIP Mortgage 480-239-7766 joehansen@vipmtginc.com.


There are many loan programs available for teachers in Arizona:AZ  Teacher Loan, Arizona Teacher Program, AZ Home Loans Teacher, Teacher loans AZ,

Good Neighbor Next Door / Teachers Next Door
Down Payment Assistance
Home In 5 Program
Home Plus Program


Good Neighbor Next Door program in AZ could allow you for up to a 50% discount on specific available homes.  This program helps teachers buy in a revitalized areas.  This incentive is available for teachers that will be living in the home for a 36 month period


Down Payment assistance programs are available for teachers in Arizona.  Teachers are eligible for an extra 1%  deferred assistance program to assist with down payment, closing costs.  The down payment assistance programs such as, Home in 5, and Home Plus allow teachers to get into a home with litte or no money down. 

Teachers with poor or good credit should reach out to us to find out if they qualify for the home loan teacher programs in Arizona.


To find out more information on home loans for teachers in Arizona contact Joe Hansen at VIP Mortgage. Teachers can receive down payment assistance, discounts on homes (specific qualifying homes). Apply now or call today at 480.239-7766. Buy your dream home today!

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