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I blog about sobriety, but also about weight loss.

Keeping it real, I got super fat all those years of drinking. In the beginning, when I was like 20, I could drink a lot, eat all the trash food I wanted, go work out for like a week and be back skinny. Stress, age, a baby and too much alcohol caught up to me and I blew up! 

At a peak weight of 196 pounds, I was obese. Of course, I never felt it when I looked in the mirror. I thought I was just as hot as always! Pictures told a different story.

Since I quit drinking I've lost 30 pounds. I have a long way to go still... I want to be super slim again. I was around 114-120 pounds when I felt my best, and I'd love to get back there, though I don't know if it's realistic. Still... it'd be nice and it's something to work toward. 

The problem is that I'm not very consistent. I'll start with something and for the first three weeks, it's amazing because it's fresh and new. Then by week four, I'm bored. It's standard. Life happens. I fall right back in. Boooooo. 

What I've learned (and written about extensively) is that there really are no shortcuts to either sobriety or weight loss. You have to be consistent on some level to succeed at both. 

Furthermore, you won't automatically lose weight if you stop drinking alcohol. You still have to work hard! 

That said, my diet isn't always the best. Though I work out to some degree more days than not, it's not always exactly as it should be. But one thing that I have noticed is the few things I've bought over the past year or so that I use regularly, consistently, and that I can determine as the cause of my 30 pound weight loss... even though my diet and exercise are less than perfect. 

I shared these items in Top 10 Weight Loss Products On Amazon and I'm getting great feedback from others also on a weight loss journey. 

Maybe they can help you too! 

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