The Debate - Sentrilock or Supra

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If you have experience with either or maybe both of the most recent lockbox products from these companies please let me know what you think. Our current lockbox program ends in February and we are looking a both of these companies. I need comments on just the newest products. The Sentrilocks would be less than 2 years old and the Supra locks would need to be less than 4 years old.


Thank you very much!!!


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Jim Paulson
Progressive Realty (Boise Idaho) - Boise, ID

I can't speak to Sentrilock but I have used many versions of the Supra lockboxes since they introduced their electronic lock boxes.  They used to be state of the art and great, but lately, they seem to be milking everything they can out of them without really upgrading them.

For example, on the Bluetooth connections, I have to disable them sometime for a moment because my phone tries to connect to my car instead of the lockbox at times.  Some people have complained it tries to connect to their smart watches.  Another issue for me is I use Project Fi as a cell phone provider and their lockboxes don't know how to handle my phone registering at a TMobile device at one home and then switches to Sprint at another home so it won't work until I force my phone back to TMobile.  (this is great on my phone since it jumps between best signals where ever I am, but it doesn't talk well with Supra's outdated technology).

I don't know if I would have these problems with Sentrilock or just a different set of new problems if I used their lockbox.

However, electronic lockboxes are definately the way to go!

Jul 16, 2018 08:42 PM