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Go Solar SF, Zero Net Energy Homes CA, Go Solar CA

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Go Solar SF,  Zero Net Energy Homes CA,

Go Solar CA


 GoSolarSF is San Francisco's solar incentives and credits, Go Solar SF

GoSolarCA is California's solar incentives and credits for solar panel installations in CA, Go Solar CA

Zero Net Energy Homes are homes that generate their own energy by renewable energy methods such as solar panel installations


San Francisco's Solar Incentives & Rebates


 GoSolarSF is San Francisco's Solar incentive and rebate program designed to promote renewable energy in San Francisco. GoSolarSF or Go Solar SF offers numerous cash credits for solar panel installation including a low-income credit.  GoSolarSF, Go Solar SF plus The Federal Tax Credit could pay for an entire Solar Panel Installation in a San Francisco Home making it a Zero Net Energy Home. The State of California has mandated solar panel installation in San Francisco and CA for all new homes starting the beginning of the year 2020. All CA Homes must be Zero Net Energy Homes. Go Solar SF, GoSolarSF and Go Solar CA GoSolarCA are great programs for homeowners to install solar panels on their homes. 

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