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Go Solar SF,  Solar Panels are The Law, Zero Net Energy Homes CA, Go Solar CA. GoSolarSF, San Francisco's Solar Incentive program, and GoSolarCA, California programs for renewable energy will make you money and make your home and neighborhood a healthier place to live. Go Solar CA, You will find California Solar Programs and local incentives, including San Francisco Solar Incentives and credits in our videos.

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Solar Energy The New law for New Homes

GoSolarSF GoSolarCA


The new California Law mandates Solar Panels for all new homes starting 1/1/2020. The state efforts to encourage renewable energy and protecting environment, not only has an economic benefit to homeowners, it also will help the state's economy and environment. Solar Energy is the least expensive way to generate energy for consumers today. Using the government tax credit coupled with Local municipalities incentives, home, and business owners have an opportunity to invest in their own renewable energy source without any upfront cost. If a property or a business could take advantage of all applicable rebates, in most cases, they are able to install a money generating solar system at zero or very low total investment. The state has developed programs such as GoSolarSF, for San Francisco solar incentives, and GoSolarCA, credits and incentives statewide for home and business owners. 

Based on the size of the system and energy usage, typically the Solar systems pay for themselves in about 7-10 years. 

Most importantly Solar energy systems are a hedge against increasing energy cost.  

California 2020 Energy Mandate

Every new home must be solar equipped

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Count Down to California 2020 Solar Energy Mandate

ZNE “Zero Net Energy

Solar Panels on New Homes... is the LAW

By 1/1/2020, new single-family and low-rise multifamily homes in California must comply with “Zero Net Energy” (ZNE) requirements.  These standard require that such buildings produce as much energy (generally through onsite renewable energy) as they consume.



How Does Solar work? 

Nature has provided us with an unlimited energy source, the Sun. Solar Panels could convert the sun’s energy to A/C electricity that is used in our homes and businesses.



Why Go Solar?

there are many reasons to Go Solar both in your home and your business. 


1-Drastically reduce or eliminate your electric bill

Electricity charges will continue to increase. usage of technology in our lives requires more energy usage. The rate of future rate increases will be higher than those of the past. It is safe to assume an 8-15% year over year increase for the next 10-20 years. To give you an idea, if your bill is $100 today, assuming a 10% increase per year, you will be paying $259 in 10 years and $611 in year 20 for the same usage of electricity.

Eliminate your Electric Bill




Solar panels using the sun, produce your needed energy and your total cost of such renewable energy production system is determined upfront. Usually, a Solar system pays for itself in 6 to 7 years, resulting in a home or business that will have free energy productions and usage for decades.

 PG&E, the utility company in Northern CA, had announced the time of day usage program. In the new tariff, PG&E rates could be as high as $.48 / KWH compared to $.12 the lowest rate. This may translate to a huge increase for some homeowners depending on time and amount of electricity they use.



PG&E Time of Use Schedule 



2- Earn a great return on your investment

Solar panel prices have declined in the past decade. A typical solar system pays for itself in about 7 years. Therefore, year after the home or business owner saves on the energy cost. The savings, unlike income, is not taxed, therefore increasing the ROI% of the initial investments.

Using Federal Rebates & Local Incentives to Invest in Renewable Energy




 3- Protect against rising energy costs

As crystallized earlier, a $100 energy bill today, could be over $611 in 20 years assuming a similar rate of energy cost increase of the past two decades. However, due to the increasing use of technology, the energy cost of the future might be more inflationary than those of the past. A renewable energy solar system ownership requires initial investment with no future cost. Most solar panels have a 25 years warranty, making ownership less costly and hassle-free.

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3- Increase your property value

Zero Net Energy Homes are homes that produce their own energy. California is the first state that has mandated all new homes to be Zero Net Energy starting from January 1, 2020. other states are following soon. This creates a shift in consumer sentiment, which the demand for clean energy producing homes will increase by increasing their values. Market reports show that Zero Net Energy Homes are sold much faster and are valued 3- 10% higher than not energy efficient comparable.  


4- Make America Energy Independence

By using Solar and renewable energy, we decrease our dependency on fossil fuel and foreign oil.

GoSolarSF, GoSolarCA, Zero Net Energy Homes CA, SolarUSA.io



6- Create jobs and help your local economy

The solar industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the nation. According to the Solar Foundation Report, the Solar industry added jobs at the rate of 12 times faster than average U.S. economy in 2015.

Solar photovoltaic (PV) was the largest employer, with 3.1 million jobs, up 12% from



7- Protect the environment

Solar and renewable energy helps to reduce the environmental carbon footprint. A typical home solar system is equivalent of planting over 1800 trees.

 GoSolarSF, GoSolarCA, Zero Net Energy Homes CA, SolarUSA.io

8-Business commitment to the environment

An organization’s commitment to its surroundings and the society is an indication of its level of care to its employees and consumers alike. A business that cares about its employees and the community’s health and well-being, is usually valued more by its patrons, which contributes to more sustained profitability.


9 Federal Tax Credits and local incentives

Federal Tax credits are offered to both residential and business entities to go solar. In addition to Federal Tax Incentives, local city and governments offer their own incentive and promotions to go solar.

San Francisco Solar Incentives are very generous, as an example. It coupled with Federal tax credit could pay the entire solar system for some homeowners. GoSolarSF is a San Francisco Solar Incentive program designed for San Francisco residences who want to adopt solar energy for their homes making them Zero Net Energy Homes. 

                             San Francisco's Solar Incentives & Rebates


10- Financing

GoSolarSF, GoSolarCA, Zero Net Energy Homes CA, SolarUSA.io

An array of financing options are available, from outright purchase loans with terms from 5 to 30 years, lease options, and PPA’s. Almost all programs require No Money Down. GoSolarSF and GoSolarCA are programs designed to encourage renewable energy in California. 

 For more information on different panels, invertors, performance and warranties, installations and financing options, please contact us at 415-463-1125

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Great article! I have heard that the US solar industry is likely to see tremendous growth in the next five years. I am happy with this news, but I have many questions. For example, how easy is the installation and maintenance of wind farms? I think this is not easy. But I'm happy that, together with energy asset management , this task becomes easier.

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