Intermittent Fasting Benefits For Weight Loss

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It's been a minute since I've posted here and that was not my intention! I wanted this to be a place to talk frequently about housing searching/moving and also the business side of blogging but... the housing part took over! 

I was last at a point where we were going to stick it out in our teeny tiny apartment for another year or so, then move to Atlanta. The allure of buying a big, cheap house was so beautiful... but I almost lost my entire mind a couple weeks ago. 

I realized I just couldn't make it. I feel cramped, uninspired, and like I've worked hard for so many years to get to a certain level with my education, career and now businesses... I'm in my mid-30's, successful... why be so frugal to the point where I'm miserable? 

My even MORE frugal husband agreed, and we embarked upon a search to upgrade our surroundings and living situation here in Los Angeles. 

I'll admit, we have always been cheap. I like to say "frugal" because it sounds better, but no... cheap is the word lol. 

This time we analyzed our finances, came up with a comfortable number we'd be willing to spend on rent (and it wasn't cheap). We thought the house-hunt with THAT number in mind would yield greater results than the cheap number we last used... nope! 

LA is completely f*cked. We were showing up to view homes that had NO pictures online. Homes that were just listed like, hours prior, certain we'd be the first/only ones there, to find TWELVE other people waiting outside.

One gorgeous home with a huge yard that we fell in love with... same story. The listing was just placed 3 hours prior to my finding it. We were TOLD we were the first to view it in person. We went to submit our application at 8:30 am the next day and someone had already submitted AND BEEN APPROVED. Crazy, right?

This was all driving me so mad. I kinda took a break from all things blogging and took it easy until this got settled. But... it did! 

We found a beautiful townhouse and will be moving in the middle of August... so now instead of stressed, I'm extremely excited and just waiting for the next few weeks to pass by. 

That said, I've made a new blog post. 

I'm kind of just letting my blogging audience tell me through page views and comments/email messages what they want to see... and they really like intermittent fasting, so that's what I'm writing about. It feels so good to get back into my writing game. 

I just published a post on the benefits of intermittent fasting. It's so weird because I did intermittent fasting for one month (May 2018), lost 10 pounds and felt great. But I fell off SO hard afterward and haven't been able to focus enough to pick back up. But blogging about the benefits and what I DID keep from my trial-run is giving me just the motivation I need to probably pick back up. 

It's so great because though I'm not fasting 16-22 hours a day like I was in the thick of things, I have committed to doing 12-14 hours, which is better than nothing. Also I'm more aware of whether I'm really hungry, and also making better food choices. Like, I don't feel intermittent fasting is the best long-term strategy for me, personally, but the benefits I listed in that post are real, and they stuck with me well after the experiment ended. 

Tomorrow is the first day of a new month. I don't know about you, but I really enjoy starting things fresh on new months. 

Blogging about intermittent fasting is making me want to start it up again. 

That's a great thing about a journey blog. Yeah, there's potential to make money. Yeah, it's a good creative outlet. But my, does it really motivate you to do better with the thing you're tracking! 

Maybe I'll start up and share another 10 pound (or more) loss at the end of August! 


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