Good Thing! I won't buy your home if it doesn't sell!

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If I don’t sell your home I will NOT buy it!


If you are in any way thinking of selling your home you have no doubt heard or seen these ads. I will not make that offer and here is why!


  1.   In my opinion it is a marketing gimmick to get in the door.   People hear and see the ads and instinctively know there are strings attached but call anyway. They figure if the agent is that confident it must be worth checking out.

 What are some of those possible strings? Every offer is a little different but here are some examples.

  • Seller has to buy their next home using this agent.
  • Seller has to buy another home the agent is listing.
  • Seller has to pay the agent an additional commission if the home they buy is not one of the agents listings.
  • Seller has to buy a more expensive home than the one they are listing.
  • Seller must pay a 6% or higher commission.
  • Seller must get an inspection done prior to listing and must make all reasonable repairs indicated in the inspection report. Keep in mind that home inspections can be very detailed and typically have a long list of suggested repairs or items that may need attention.  Read my post What to expect from a home inspection
  • Seller must get a staging assessment and must follow the recommendations of the stager which could include the rental of thousands of dollars of furniture.
  • The guaranteed sale is contingent on an appraisal at or above a certain value. 
  • Seller will buy a home warranty for the agent IF the agent buys the home.
  • Homes above a certain price point may be excluded from the program.
  • The guaranteed sale price will be automatically discounted by some percentage of the marketvalue, which of course will be determined by the agent.

2. The last one is a "biggie"and most certainly will be part ot their "offer".  My job as your listing agent is to sell your home for the highest possible price. In my own opinion it is both counter intuitive and an insult to offer you 20-40% less than market value.   

My offer to is much more straight forward. I will sell your home for the highest possible price, provide excellent service, AND save you thousands of dollars in commissions!! No hidden tricks or bait and switch. 

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  1. According to John Adams, the real estate writer for the AJC, there are 3 things the seller/agent has any control over to get a home sold.  They are price, condition, and marketing. Location is not on the list since the seller cannot change that. In any given location there is a correct price for a home.  It may be different than the price for a comparable home in a different location but whatever it is, there is a correct price.

Atlas Realty Web Wide Marketing 


So if we have your home priced fairly (i.e. not cheap, just fair), the price matches the condition, and my web wide marketing delivers the word to any potential buyer, your home will sell! It will sell for top dollar, whatever that may be in today’s market. With my 1% listing solution you will typically put 1.88% -2.88% or even more in your pocket at closing! That is a win/win for both of us!


4. When you deal with Atlas Realty you will deal with me! I can pretty much guarantee that If you contact the mega agent making promises you not meet them. You will meet an associate that works for them. When you call me I am the person that answers the phone, I will meet with you, I will be the one discussing a fair price and marketing your home. You and I will likely meet face to face (although I have occasionally listed homes for out of town sellers that I have never met). In my opinion that offers the very highest level of accountability to you.


No marketing gimmicks. No hype.  Just years of experience and hard work.

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Nina Hollander, Broker
Coldwell Banker Realty - Charlotte, NC
Your Greater Charlotte Realtor

Great post, Bob... and spot on. I've always hated this "we'll buy your house" marketing because it is a gimmick and takes advantage of home sellers. 

Aug 03, 2018 01:14 PM