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Monster, Huge Update 8-23-18

Just had office meeting where the data provider Remine said they would be using Contactually as there add on CRM

this is huge....... Crm and Data together is the Holy Grail of Real Estate Crms and does not exist...........

Needless to say Contactually despite it's faults will be my CRM until I can see how it works with Remine

hopefully works great as I have been wanting something like this for years.




Contactually is one of the better Real Estate Crms.

By no means is it Perfect.

With that said it has a Uniqueness that will Appeal.

To see how Pipedrive did here is my past review  Pipedrive Crm Review




for review of ONEPAGECRM    One Page Crm Review





Top 10 things I look for in a REAL ESTATE CRM


1. I want Simplicity and Clean modern look

2. A great Contact Manager and Note Taker

3. Great Pipeline and Contact types Visualization

4. Customization

5. Good Price

6. Universal Note Searching

7. Awesome Tagging and Filtering

8. Mail Chimp Integration

9 Email Merge

10 Click to Dial Skype or Hangouts calling


Below are some Screen shots and Reasons For and Against and Ultimately why I am Using Contactually Currently


This first one is the Contact Page Ultimately Contactually does a pretty good job here ( Note that Send a Card button there is crazy expensive 10 handwritten Cards sent out for you for 45.00 for only 10! )

Contactually Contact Page

Next Picture is of the Tag Screen  

I have allot of issues with Tagging in Contactually! I can't believe it is not alphabetical 

Also you can't filter the tags say you want someone wtih the Tag Park and Past Client and you only want those

contacts to show up. Well no way to do that you will get everyone with those tags!! So you will have to combine Park and Past Client into one tag to make it work.

I have seen worse or no tagging but Contactually needs to step it up here.


Contactually Tag Screen






1. Simple!!!!!!!!!

2. Email Merge

3. Pleasing Design 

4. Has some Unique Features like Bucketing and Setting up Auto Email Follow Ups 

5 Multiple Mail Chimp List Syncs

6. Multiple Piplelines ( really need to change the view and presentation)

7. Can Search Notes

8. Keeps running conversations with your phone, email tracking..

Overall the Pluses Outweight the Negatives and Maybe Contactually will Improve It's seemingly easy enough to fix issues.

9 Bucketing will allow you to select which google contacts you want to sync vs some Crms bring them all in.... Also it does bring in Notes.




1. No Universal Seach

2. Tagging should be improved ( using custom fields can solve most issues)

3. Pipeline View is Horrid, no Table or Nice way to view how your Data Base is coming around

4. No formatting of Notes and no way to really Edit a large note as Note Window does not Expand. Important for those Clietns you know for years or to keep a clean one page Contact Window with all data at a glance...

5. Price Expensive

6 I find lag sometimes, it is not a snappy crm, sometimes will hang up and freeze

7 Dash only shows calls you have to make today.. so you cant tell who to call in the future or what is upcoming


In a Nutshell 7 out of 10     ( if Data Service works well with Contactually, will make this go to a 9 or 10 because it will be only game in town )

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Great Pricing on My Favorite Crm for Real Estate

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heres one you should check out which is realestate focused and very popular now in australia

Aug 05, 2018 05:01 PM
Ron McCord
RE/MAX - Fort Lauderdale, FL
Residential/Multi Family Sales S. Florida

Will have to add to the list!

Aug 06, 2018 07:02 AM
Ralph Post , Realtor
Suntree, FL
Melbourne Florida - Post Real Estate Group

Hi Ron,  I have hears Contractually is a good one.  I joined EXP Realty LLC and there is a choice for KVcore  or Cinc .   I find that with any of them there is a learning curve.   Good luck with your selection. Ralph Post Melbourne Florida





Aug 10, 2018 09:31 AM
Ron McCord
RE/MAX - Fort Lauderdale, FL
Residential/Multi Family Sales S. Florida

Congrats on your move......!!

Aug 10, 2018 11:57 AM