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Tips For Selling Your Home

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Selling a home can put stress to a family. Think moving, packing, cleaning, and opening your house to a pack of strangers. Schedules and daily routing get interrupted. Diving head on without reading tips and tricks can even cause more stress, not knowing what to expect. So, the experienced real estate coach, with a lot of positive reviews, Luther Ragsdale, shares some tips to hopefully help you sell your home faster.

Remove Personal Items

Since you're opening your house to potential buyers, you don't want to show them your personal items like family photos, monogrammed decor and any other personalized belongings. “The idea is to make the place look perfect for them and not make them feel like they are viewing someone else's dream home or memories, for that matter” - suggests Ragsdale in his articles for Bigger Pockets

Make it Clutter-Free

While removing personal items, make sure to remove clutter too. The house should have that feeling of tranquility, warmth and space. Removing clutter is like removing chaos. At the same time, it opens up the space making it feel larger. Clutter will only distract your buyers, making them think the house wasn't taken care of. And that's one thing you want to avoid. If you don't have the space to hide your clutter and personal belongings, Luther recommends boxing them all up and storing in your garage or shed. If you don't have one, consider renting storage space for a month.

Keep It Neutral

Similar to removing personal belongings, you want the house to look neutral while opening it to the market. People have different styles and you want the space to be able to accommodate that. If you have painted some rooms orange, purple or even black, consider investing on a couple buckets of paint to freshen up the walls. Not everyone loves those colors and you don't want to turn off buyers with a bad first impression. “Consider neutral shades of white and beige to give them their own vision of the space, while at the same time keeping the rooms light and bright” - says Luther Ragsdale.

Create a Stellar Listing

Ragsdale also recommends creating a portfolio that direct and straight to the point. You want to emphasize all the great things about your home too.


Luther Ragsdale is an experienced real estate coach. You can read more of his content on Medium.