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Tampa Bay Area Seniors Keep Cool While Exercising

It's too hot to walk or run outside in the summer, you say? Don't feel like riding a bike or playing tennis in the brutal heat?  Do you want to enjoy your outdoor summer exercise without that sweaty, sticky feeling? How about hopping in the pool and doing your workout the really cool way?  The pool just might be the only place where you can do cardiovascular work, toning and stretching without even feeling like you’ve broken a sweat! I once considered myself  a runner, then a jogger, and as I got older, I became a walker.  I know walking has become a very popular form of exercise.  It's much easier on the knees, ankles and feet and still gives a good cardio workout.  However, I recently became aquainted with something much cooler and easier on the knees, feet and ankles, and that is aqua/pool aerobics. Swimming laps is one of the best things you can do to strengthen your heart and lungs. If you’re a decent swimmer and enjoy lap swims, spend a few minutes a day at it to warm up for toning and stretching.       


Otherwise, walking or running in the pool is just as effective. Just about any stretching move or exercise you can do on dry land can be done in the pool. It may sound easy, but just try it! If you go in up to your shoulders and run, you’ll get your heart rate up with no problem. It may be very difficult to sustain at first, but try to build up your time to at least twenty minutes. One very important thing to remember is to keep your feet as fully planted as possible while you do your pool exercises, especially when walking and running. If you run on your tiptoes, your calves will be killing you the next day. Keep your heels down! Remember a heated pool will allow you to do these types of exercise year around.


Whether you have a pool or have access to one, give this cool way to exercise a try.

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That is a great community for Active Adults.  Now there are more choices with the opening of Valencia del Sol.  Great information, great post

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Great information.  Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day!

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