Web Video Now Makes Up 65% Of All Searches

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The numbers are boucning around but they are usually pointing north of 50%. Most web searches are web video based.  And why do you ask?

Its convenient. Less reading. Web video, when done correctly, can rank quick and get the message across. Plus you can target it to pop up in any city, or market you desire. That is good news for many of you. The flip side of this is of course Google, who can be very fickle, they will only allow so many websites from your real estate office. This is due to many of the agents being placed under one umbrella site with one URL. Google will only allow a few agents in the rankings no matter what  you do. They will give some lime light to the other real estate agencies and house listing services.

There are ways around this of course.

There always is.

And web video is one of those ways. It is still an unexplored territory because its technical and people don't want to figure out the nuts and bolts of it. By saying that there are some other industries coming up in a real estate search in some markets including dentristy, and child care.

That is actually good news. That means if you know what you are doing and what keywords you want to target you can start to edge those other businesses out of the top ten. If you really got a solid handle on it you can master the full top ten yourself.

Here is an example of what we did for a chiropractor in Okemos, MI


If you need help with this I can show you free of charge.

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