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Free IDX Search Tools (feedback request)

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We're reviewing the usability of a free generic version of our IDX search tools located at www.nwrealty.com/washington prior to official release later this week.  Due to the increase of Buyers seeking owner terms we've included easy access to listings that offer "Lease/Purchase" and "Owner Financing" options.  These are provided via buttons at the top right and how we should display results is where I would appreciate your input.

Right now the results are limited to 200 listings which are currently sorted by list price (high to low).  About half of the available listings are in excess of $1 million.  Since few Buyers are interested in this high price range I'm wondering how to best provide useful information in this free format. 

I'm inclined to only display the 200 most recent listings below $1 million and sorted from low to high.  I really appreciate your feedback.


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