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When I first began blogging I heard a few highly successful bloggers talk about how they grew their blogs pretty quickly by creating a blog post every day for like a month. It's really challenging to do because you can't post crap posts. I like posts to be over 1,500 words long and as high quality as possible, so the thought of that was pretty daunting, to say the least. 


Fast-forward to now, my blog is going in a completely different direction! At first, it was just a sobriety blog. I wanted to help people stop drinking without AA and deal with issues related to alcohol addiction like helping ease depression... things like that. 


But as I've grown as a person and a blogger I'm like... I want to go in a different direction. I want to write fun things that appeal to a wider audience (and myself). I think to some degree we're all always on a path toward personal growth, and that encompasses many things. I feel like yeah, quitting drinking was a big part of my personal journey, but I don't really see myself as a sober activist. Sobriety is just one piece of the puzzle -- and so many of the things I pursue to have a better life I'd still be in pursuit of if I wasn't drinking. 


In sobriety circles, I feel like I don't really fit. I was chatting with another sobriety blogger and she was asking if I was going to this big recovery conference out here in LA. I'd never. It's just not my style. I don't go to meetings or groups or anything. I just don't really feel the need to be attached to it. Hell, I'd rather forget I had a problem with alcohol in the first place. I wish I was "normal" -- no need to focus MORE on the issue. 


But whatever. The point here is I'm doing a quality post per day for at least 30 days and seeing where that gets me in terms of traffic! I want to qualify for MediaVine ad network. It looks like it'll happen before the 30 days is over, too. It's a little challenging, but honestly really fun. My skills are sharpening quickly and I'm learning so much about traffic growth! 


Today is day 11. I love blogging <3

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