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I was watching Opra yesterday.....yes I watched it as I flicked through the channels.  lol  She was doing a program on Africa and how unfortunate they are regarding food, water and clothing.  Watching this program made me look around and see our 3000 sf home with big screen tv's, video games, home theatre room, pool and everything you can imagine and realize not only how fortunate we are but how spoiled we are.  If the water, electric or gas is off for whatever reason how we blow up and shut down because we do not know how to act.  Think if the internet shuts down....LOL  I get so frusterated and just want to explode when I can not get online and do nothing.  LOL  I mean....who even owns a phone book anymore.  LOL

So you have been complaining about gas prices......take a look at a third world country.  Still unhappy?

Sometimes we need to stop.....take a break.....look around.....hug our family.....and appreciate what we have.  I for one take things for granted...especially the internet and everything that goes with it. 

Writing this blog only makes me think about my family.....they are loading the camper so we can go to Carter Caves in Kentucky for the weekend.   So if you see me typing and then it stops you know where i am  so remember these things the next time something is not correct in your life..............................................

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JC Melvin - Commercial & Business Broker
JC Melvin - KW Southwest - Las Vegas, NV
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Brad and Sheila, an awesome note about family and just how fortunate we are here in America.  I just wrote a blog where I was commenting on the price of gas in Las Vegas....ouch, now I feel fortunate to own a car and to have the ability to put gas in it....Hope you guys had a great trip to Kentucky. JC in Vegas!

May 27, 2008 11:54 AM
Chuck Christensen
Your Financial Coach - Bellingham, WA

I did take a look at Kuwuit. Gas was .17 cents per gallon. Saudi Arabia was about .47 cents. It is a good thing we protected these countries from being taken hostage by Saddam Hussein. Many American Military Personel lost their lives so they could still have cheap gas.

May 27, 2008 12:16 PM