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There are Real Estate News Sources that you should subscribe to and stay up-to-date with what is happening with the industry, the market, Buyers and Sellers and all the new Technology tools that you can use to better serve your clients.

Let's start with the list I have and PLEASE let me know via your comments if there are others that you pay attention to regularly.

National Association of Realtors NEWS -- Book Mark the site


National Association of Realtors - Realtor Magazine

Realtor Magazine

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Inman News

Free notifications and Paid News Service


Great publication and daily information you can use




They provide excellent broker information, annual reports on the top agents, top teams, top offices that are helpful about the market and provide Agents comparisons.

Subscribe to the blog at https://www.realtrends.com/blog/


Inforamtion for Real Estate and Mortgage Professionals

Housing Wire

Great Industry Publications


Great daily information and now a NEW service for DRONE listing promotion

Realty Times


Realtor News


Everything real estate with great FREE content you can use 2x's per week -- subscribe today!


The Real Daily

The Real Daily


Paid Services

Keeping Current Matters

Keeping current matters


Placester content and blog



Check out your local news sources and the national ones as well, like the Wall Street Journal.


The information above is primarily for Residential Real Estate and Mortgage.


Check out Costar and Loopnet for the commercial applications as well as CRE.


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