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Metro Atlanta Area's Home Prices Skyrocket

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The title in today's Atlanta Journal-Constitution Metro front page article is about the local housing prices.  "Metro Area's Home Prices Skyocket" is the title, and the article explains that our home prices have been rising nearly twice as fast as the nation's prices.  "If you live in a desirable area and you're thinking of selling your home, your timing is good."  This is especially true if you are planning on moving out of state, but if you plan on selling and then buying locally, you may have what works for you when selling work against you when buying.   You may likely be in a bidding war when buying in a desirable neighborhood. 

Prices in metro Atlanta are 8.4% higher than a year ago, and even more than that in some areas.   There could not be a better time to capitalize on the sale of your home.  We have been obtaining record prices for our listings, however many appraisers have not yet caught onto the situation.  We have been taking our lock boxes off of our listings before the appraiser comes so they must meet us to get access to the home.  When we arrive, we have supporting documentation, helping the appraiser do his job and supporting the value of the home.

The housing market traditionally slows down in the fall, with the slowest time between Thanksgiving and New Years Day.  Contact us today while the market is still hot and let us help you sell and make money!!!