Look for hidden problems when buying a home

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Look for hidden problems when buying a home                                                                   
A picture perfect home can look perfect but what don't you see?  A perfect looking home can be perfect but conducting a home inspection when purchasing a home reveals more than what you see.  A home inspection covers pretty much the whole house including mechanical/electrical systems, building imperfections, deterioration over time of materials used, foundation and plumping systems, irrigation and much more.  
A buyer should dig deeper into their home inspection.  Here are some things to look for....

Wall Damage - peek behind wall decor for holes, cracks and even termites.  Make sure to look for hidden problems found in homes for sale behind boxes stacked against walls.  I always recommend asking the seller to move items to inspect for wall damage.  Even in the garage!

Pet Damage - are there a bunch of air fresheners in the house?  It could be covering up urine smell.

Floor Damage - check under furniture, rugs and runners.  There might be warped floors, cracks, or other strange spots.  Floors squeaking?  Might be a structural issue with the house.

Music Playing - is the music distracting you from hearing the traffic outside?

Sinks -  be sure to inspect under the sinks for water damage.  A lot of times inspectors won't move things under sinks to make sure there is no rotten wood.  I've also seen large ceramic tiles under the sinks that are not glued down.  Are they hiding something?  

Be your own detective!  Look for hidden problems when buying a home.  Ask questions, look under that rug or behind that cabinet.  An inspector is not more than likely going to move any personal belongings in the home.  Be sure you're aware of that.  Make sure you hire a good inspector and real estate agent!




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I point out the possible issue fo all the homes we look at so that if the people want to buy it they can make sure they have a professional give them accurate information about the  issue.

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