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Today's blog post is a comprehensive overview of Potomac Shores Community in Dumfries Virginia.



Potomac Shores Dumfries Virginia Summer 2018 Update



Did you know that Potomac Shores is the fastest selling new home community in Prince William County, Virginia? Most people first want to know where is Potomac Shores located. Well, it is between Marine Base Quantico and Fort Belvoir in Alexandria, Virginia east of I-95 just off Rt 1 just south of Woodbridge VA. Follow River Heritage Drive to the main entrance and Potomac Shores Boulevard.

The Northern Neighborhoods were the first section to be built at Potomac Shores. The charm of this neighborhood is apparent as soon as you drive through. It is created in the Traditional Tidewater Style that you would expect to find in a coastal town. Every home features at least one porch many have multiple. There are only single family homes offered in the northern neighborhoods which many buyers find very appealing. Many floor plans were designed specifically for Potomac Shores by NVR Homes and are no longer sold new in the community.

The Fairway Overlook and The Fairway Landing

 NV Homes did not disappoint with these gracious floor plans! Designed to be the flagship homes of the community. The neighborhoods feature large homes from 3,000 to 5,000 sq ft on the upper two levels and wider lots that allowed three-car garages. Most homes back to trees or golf course lots or ponds and will be sought after for generations to come. Homes feature deep tidewater moldings, built-ins, stunning coffered ceilings, timeless exteriors. If you are a porch lover, you will fall in love with many of the homes. The architects designed the backs of the houses to be as pretty as the fronts. For those who looking for larger homes and who want to be closest to all the amenities, Potomac Shores has to offer this is the neighborhood for you. Expect prices to be between $750,000 to $1,000,000+ if one does come on the market in 2019. This year two homes were rented in this neighborhood there have been no resales to date.


The Fairway Shores

Here you will find the main level living neighborhood featuring single-family homes that were snapped up in record time. Innovative open concept homes some with twenty-foot ceilings and lofts. My twin sister calls them bungalows on steroids and yet from the outside you would never guess these homes are 4,000 to 5,000 total sq ft. I was fortunate enough to purchase one of these homes when it came up for sale recently, and I am so glad I did. I  see buyers driving through daily admiring the charm of the streetscape. It is a very social street where everyone knows the neighbors. These will be sought after homes for years to come as the community matures and demand for the main level living continues to climb in the region. This year we have had three homes sell in this neighborhood, and I am aware of one rental coming up in the next few months. Expect prices to be $700+ here if you see a home come on the market.

main level living homes in Potomac Shores. Call the Twins Selling Real Estate

The Cove

Highlighted in orange on the map below is the largest selection of homes in the community and features two distinct types of lots and home styles. The perimeter lots all back to trees or golf course and feature the original tidewater open concept homes explicitly designed for Potomac Shores. The interior lots in The Cove you will find a mix of Tidewater Homes and Ryan’s Homes most popular traditional floor plans in the region. Ryan Homes made a move to offer their more conventional floor plans as the interest rates started to ride and found the secret sauce to sales success! They redesigned the exteriors to match the Tidewater Design. Many original homeowners that came for the Tidewater Designs were not thrilled with this move. It is vital for any builder to keep the sales pace especially in a community of this scale and to sell out each section as soon as possible. NVR Homes is the largest builder in Northern Virginia and is exceptional at reading the market and reacting.

Potomac Shores resale homes now FOR SALE

Buyers who visit Potomac Shores are now at a crossroads in the community. They have so many options and must decide between a new single-family home, townhome or villa in the southern neighborhoods down past John Paul, all in about the same price point. Or purchase a resale home in the northern side of the community where construction is now almost complete. It is not surprising we have seen a longer selling cycle for these sellers in The Cove with some downward pressure on sales prices. The reason is simple when relocation orders come, or a move is required; the seller must do what needs to be done. It is essential to hold a home at least three years if at all possible to allow time for your equity position to offset your selling costs. Also looking at timing and the full picture in the community before listing your home is essential, so you are an informed consumer.

A new pattern is emerging in Potomac Shores where homeowners are selling or renting their present homes and relocating within the community. The developer had this vision from the beginning. The neighborhood was designed to appeal to all stages of life and allow people to remain in the area they love and shift within the neighborhood. I lived in Lakeridge, Virginia for twenty plus years and owned three different homes during that time. We stayed within a two-mile radius all those years.  Potomac Shores is positioned to be this type of community as well.

The Pointe- 

Highlighted in grey above on the map is the high point of Potomac Shores in the northern neighborhoodThis neighborhood features a quarter acre to half-acre lots with lovely views or treed lots on two cul de sac streets. These homes located at the back entrance to the community off Potomac River Blvd on Flatstick and Gullwing. These neighbors know how to have fun from slip and slide parties to Kentucky Derby Day cul de sac parties it is obvious they love their neighborhood. Expect home prices in this section to be between $675 to $800+.  

If you are a homeowner thinking of selling in the next six to nine months, we will want to strategize timing and what your home offers that a buyer could not get from Ryan Home Estate Offerings in The Crossings. Having a neighborhood specialist is essential to both buyers and sellers in a community such as Potomac Shores. We help you to understand the options in the community and compare the different features of the home when they were built, vs. a new build today so you can make an informed buying or selling decision.

Potomac Shores larger lots

The Crossings is the final and newest phase in the northern neighborhood and is almost Sold Out! This section has only been selling for about a year and a half and is located just off Potomac River Parkway and across from Covington Elementary School is featuring both NV and Ryan Homes. NV has completed sales, and now Ryan Homes will sell the remaining golf course lots. Prices in this section range from $600’s to $900 for the estate lots backing to the golf course. Only twenty-three lots are remaining. Ryan Homes is offering their trendy Berkeley Tidewater Design home as well as three additional floor plans.

New homes for sale in Potomac Shores single family homes


Good news for sellers if a buyer is looking for a home in the northern neighborhoods they soon will only have resales to choose. Buyers your time has almost run out to get a new home in The northern neighborhood. I have met so many folks that hesitated to buy new and now are kicking themselves.

"A word of caution to buyers and sellers, the Potomac Shores community is very different from any other neighborhood in the region. You cannot look at a home across the street that sells and think that is what the prices are."

Potomac Shores is unique in that you can have a $500,000 home right next door to a $900,000 home. A fatal error can be made by both the buyer and sellers if they do not understand what they are looking at in terms of home-style as a neighborhood specialist is vital to your success. Do not assume all REALTORS® or even appraisers understand the community. Trust your neighborhood specialist to help you determine value or price.

So now, let me tell you about the new Southern Neighborhood in Potomac Shores.

As you drive down River Heritage Blvd past the main entrance to Potomac Shores, you will see signs for The Woods District this is known as the Southern Zone. It encompasses six neighborhoods which all but one are under construction now.

Single family homes with wooded lots in Potomac Shores Dumfries VA

Brookfield Homes the newest builder in Potomac Shores is selling Woods Bend and Woods Edge

Featuring single family homes priced from $600,000 to $775,000 on lovely treed lots. Floor plans start from 2800 to 3800 sq ft. Expect one hundred and sixty-seven houses when completed, and they are walking distance to Potomac Shores schools. These lots are quite lovely and are competing to any resale home that comes on the market in Potomac Shores

Woods Terrace By Ryan Homes
Features one hundred and eight four Ryan Townhomes

Woods Village which will be home to sixty-six villas with main level bedrooms and Woods Village which is selling at a rapid pace offering ninety-six single-family homes in the mid $500’s. Once River Heritage Blvd opens to the Town Center area this section of the community will no longer feel remote but will benefit from being just three-quarters of a mile from the Town Center. What makes this area unique it is a mix of townhomes, villas, and single family homes much like you would see in many communities within Northern Virginia.

Potomac Shores townhouse, villa and smaller single family homes

There will be another new home section in The Woods District released in the future, and as of this post, I am not aware of any finalized plans for what will be built there. I expect we will see smaller two car garage single family homes in this section if I had to guess based on market conditions.

Pulte Homes at Fairway Ridge -

This is the first phase under construction in The Town Center.  Pulte Homes is building two car garage townhomes which will all be walking distance to the planned VRE Station, Golf Club, The Shores Club, and the future  Town Center. Pulte will build two hundred and thirty-one townhomes here, and the sales pace has been strong in the first year. Pulte has sold sixty-one homes which is a steady sales pace. Actual sales prices range from $480,000 to $650,000. These three and four level townhomes offer ease in a lifestyle we have not seen in Prince William County till now. Buyers are coming from all around the region to purchase the lifestyle Potomac Shores will offer at an affordable price. Affordable is relative to where they are moving. To get walkable living in Arlington buyers would be looking at much older dated homes or astronomical prices. I am seeing buyers who were paying $3500 a month for small older townhomes coming here doubling their living space and getting the finishes and style they had been dreaming about.

Potomac Shores luxury townhouses will be able to walk to VRE Station 

The Town Center District will feature eighteen hundred residences within the Town Center limits when completed. The planning is underway for townhomes and condos as well as multi-family units. I bet builders are salivating at building in a town center next on the shores of the Potomac River. Expect the town center to feature lots of open green space, a boardwalk along the river, parks, a farmers market as well as retail and restaurants. The entire community is hoping retail comes to Potomac Shores and with a community of thirty-eight hundred homes it is not a question if retail will be here is when.

Watch for a new addition to Potomac Shores offerings shortly. The Delany complex coming to Potomac Shores will offer   Independent, Assisted and Memory Care Living on the outskirts of the Town Center. Allowing family members to remain in the community should a need for this type of living arrangement present itself.


New Projects In Motion Right Now By The Developer Sun Cal

*Potomac River Blvd Parkway Extension to Rt 234 will eliminate drive down River HeritaHeritage to Rt 1 if you are commuting via 95.


*VRE Station  (Head House ) is gearing up for a start shortly. Look at the size and beauty of this building that will sit on the bank of the Potomac River and anchor the Town Center.

Potomac Shores VRE Station #TwinsSellingRealEstatePhoto Credit To Sun Cal

I have been selling Potomac Shores since Opening Day in 2013 and still maintain the same excitement and enthusiasm as the first day I saw the community. As a REALTOR®, I have sold homes all over Northern Virginia for the past thirty years. I can say without hesitation Potomac Shores is special. There is nothing like it in the Northern Virginia region.

My identical twin sister Peggy and I are Potomac Shores Neighborhood Specialists. We both live in the community and have helped dozens of people find or sell their home here. New Home Representation is a big part of what we do here at Potomac Shores. It costs you nothing to work with us; the builder pays our fee as long as you contact us before you visit the builder. This community is to get a grasp of, and we can shorten your learning curve and make sure you have the correct information to make an informed decision when buying. With tax records lagging for builder sales by six months if you base your negotiations on online data you may be in for a surprise. Don’t let that happen to you call us and let’s talk 703-801-9367.

As a homeowner or home buyer comparing or competing against a builder, it is vital your agent understands the  Unique Selling Position of each home or lot. What sets the home apart from the other offerings in the community. This community is not your average neighborhood. With over thirty-five floor plans this takes an expert. It is not just about thinking the house down the street just so for $585,000, so your value has dropped. Nothing could be further from the truth. Two homes with the same square footage can be priced can be price $150,000 different or more! Zillow does not know the difference it just looks at square footage! It is all about the features and finishes the height of the ceilings, the exterior porches. Is your home a Tidewater original design or a more traditional floor plan with the eight-foot ceiling and a single porch. You Don't Know What You Don't know! That is where we can help you to understand the options.

Buying a home and selling in less than three years sets you up to lose money. As the seller, you are now responsible for paying not only the costs associated with selling your home but if you are competing against the builder buyers are going to be looking to you for closing costs assistance just like you did when you purchased. For buyers, not every seller will be able to pay closing costs if they are selling in the first two or three years.

Contact us if you see a move in or out of Potomac Shores on the horizon or have a question about value 703-801-9367

We live, work and play here and know the community better than anyone. I know the floor plans inside out and backward and can spot an upgrade or feature that you may have that is no longer offered that can set you apart or how your home would stack up against the existing builder offerings. Real Estate is hyper-local, and there is no better example of that than Potomac Shores. Homes in this community sell for more than in the surrounding area.s As  Potomac Shores experts we receive calls from other agents when they have a question about the community because it is daunting and hard to figure out if you have never sold here. Of the seven hundred and sixty homes sold we have sold thirty-three which is just under five percent market share. If you look at the recent sales, we have either listed, sold or represented the buyer to fifty percent of the successful sales in our community

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We know the neighborhood!


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