Realtors, Don’t Stage your Listing, SolarIt™

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Realtors, Don’t Stage your seller’s house,





Realtors, Don’t Stage your seller’s house, SolarIt™

Solar power it.

Did you know,

CA has an energy mandate, which by the year 2020 all new homes must be zero net energy?

The solar system adds an average 6% to the value of the home?


Solar system help sell your listing faster and separate the property from alike properties in the neighborhood?

Why Go Solar?


But you are not ready to change your ideas and or your methods, are you?

you might feel buying a new sofa, a painting or a rug might help sell your listing faster. Or perhaps you just rather the homeowner pays thousands of dollars to a stage.

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SolarIt™ would like you to consider these facts:

Your homeowner will have $0 out of pocket expense to put solar on the property

It takes less than 4 weeks for SolarIt™ to design, get a permit and install the solar system

The solar system adds value to the property an average of 6%

A solar-powered home is more marketable and sells faster

The solar system ownership easily transfers

How Does Solar Work?


Both your seller and your buyer will be happier because they are selling and buying something with a substantial value rather than seeing a nice couch while viewing a property.It is easier to sell a home with a $0 electric bill!


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SolarIt™ will also encourage you to collaborate in this renewable energy movement by offering you $1,000 referral fee for any client referred that gets installation.

SolarIt™ offers in home and in person, plus online presentation and solar energy assessments. Your seller will benefit from 30% tax credits, low-interest rate financing with $0.

There are additional local cash incentives that your seller might be entitled to.

In San Francisco as an example, homeowners could qualify for up to $10,600 cash rebate from the city of San Francisco, in addition to the 30% federal tax credit on their solar system. Learn More ...


For more information call 415-463-1125


Learn about SolarIt™ ,  SolarUSA , Solar panels, Solar power, Zero Net Energy Homes, CA 2020 Energy mandate and watch informative videos about Solar benefits. 

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