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I just got back from NAR  Mid Year...wow what an overwhelming experience. The NAR works very hard on behalf of its members.  After several days of meetings and political posturing I took off for a long walk with a dear friend all through our capital. After watching our NAR maneuver, posture, petition, argue, rally, educate and basically try to hold the housing market together, a walk in the park was in order.

It was a sunny day and not a single cloud in the sky. It took awhile to calm down from the intense meetings. For a long time I was so focused on real estate and politics I could not focus on the gorgeous capital and all its beauty. After much talking, walking and fresh air, we came upon the Vietnam Wall, there were many letters and flowers strategically places along the bottom of the never ending wall of granite. Some people were just standing others were scratching pencils and paper across a loved ones name much as a child would scratch a pencil across a penny or dime to see the picture come alive only this was a name of a loved one who would not be alive no matter how hard or precise you scratched the pencil across the paper.

One letter caught my eye as I read "Dear Papa I miss you very much"...that was all I could read or bear to know. As we kept walking quietly along the wall you knew in your heart no matter hard you tried you could not fully take in the depth of what you were seeing or feeling..only those who had suffered really understood and for a few moments you felt both grateful and guilty, tears came from now where, hundreds of people around you but silence on the inside and out. In that precise moment real estate became minuscule but also a cherished reward for a price paid to live in freedom.

We walked for almost 4-5 hours that afternoon, but it seemed like 10 minutes. For me and maybe my friend too, it put the week in perspective. To those who serve on all of the NAR committes, CRS, WCR,REBAC, CIPS, ETC. thank you, thank you for serving, keep fighting for what is right, keep fighting for the consumer; keep fighting for a free market, keep fighting for affordable housing, keep fighting for superior realestate ethics and standards......thousands of young men and women gave thier lives to give you the right to fight for your cause.

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Marie Meyer
Keller Williams Realty - Central Valley, NY
Orange County New York Realtor

Hi Julie ... I have been to the wall, and it is emotionally overwhelming ...  much like that war itself.  I lived through it, and it is something I will never forget, and I am sure it has much to do with beliefs I still hold.  The Vietnam Memorial is an awesome tribute to the tens of thousands of lost lives.  A good post to follow Memorial Day ...      

May 27, 2008 04:15 PM

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