You could make thousands with this Referral Partner Program

Education & Training
I get it. 
Sometimes we invest in agent development and NEVER see the return because _____ (fill in the blank with why the agent never became a producer and has taken a leave of absence AFTER you have invested in their development).
So I want to try something different that can possibly amount to thousands of dollars for YOU.
Beginning August 24, 2018, for any real estate agent you refer that signs up and pays for the Strategy Surge program (4 weeks of proven assignments to develop an individualized lead generation strategy that has been praised by both newbies and veterans alike -- click here for the details, YOU will receive 50% (after taxes and those pesky credit card fees).  That can amount to thousands of dollars for YOU based on the number of agents you refer to the program.
Because as your educational partner, I want you to experience an ROI among those with whom you work even if ________ (fill in the blank with the agent's excuse for taking a leave of absence).  
The Strategy Surge IS transforming agent planning. And, now you can get paid to help with this transformation through this Referral Partner Program.
You can be a team leader, manager, loan officer, attorney or simply a friend. Your relationship to the agent(s) does not matter.
Want in?
Simply refer the Strategy Surge program to the agents you know (you can share this link too: and as they sign up, you will get paid but also likely see a transformation in strategy.  That's it.  Your referrals make you part of the Referral Partner Program just make sure they tell us you sent them so we can pay you accordingly.
Let's immediately create value for the agents you know and YOU!
Dr. Lee
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