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🏠Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Home in Cohoes NY

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Buying a home anywhere is a challenge. In Cohoes NY, it is no exception.

There are things you can watch out for when buying a home for sale in Cohoes NY.

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Offering money you don’t have

It’s important to be prepared when buying a house especially when it comes to your finances. Being properly funded is a key element to home buying.

When taking out a mortgage it is imperative for you to finish the application process and await the approval before looking for a home.

Homes for sale in Cohoes NY sell quickly so it is best to have your money on hand.

Not considering long-term needs

The purchase of the house is not the only thing you will be spending on.

After purchasing your dream home, you need to maintain it. These costs can add up over the years and can surprise you if you are unprepared.

Replacing fixtures, maintaining countertop surfaces, bathroom tiling, piping, etc, are all important things that must be addressed.

In the cold winters of Cohoes NY, one of the most important parts of your home is your heating system. Maintenance for your heating system is a regular thing you must pay for.

Being prepared for the care of your home will help you avoid any undue stress as a homeowner.

Spend outside of your means

As mentioned before, buying a house isn't just about paying what's on the property's price tag. There are other expenses that you should factor in.

It is tempting to consider future profits, such as returns from investments or future promotions, when purchasing a home.

But it is wise to only estimate what you can afford in terms of what you are currently earning.


Homes for Sale in Cohoes NY - Discover what to avoid when purchasing a home in Cohoes

Being caught unprepared for the future expenditures because of money that never arrived is stressful and possibly problematic.

Neglecting the home inspection

It’s common to be swayed by the beauty and looks of a home, especially if you are a first time home buyer.

Remember to check if the home’s beauty is only skin deep.

A common mistake is to neglect having your potential home inspected by professionals. It will cost you money, but it ensures your future home is a quality one.

Being too hasty or being too tentative

It is an exciting endeavor to buy a home.

It can be easy to forget to make careful considerations at each step of the home buying process. Being too hasty can lead to purchasing a home that you eventually find out is not what you expected it to be. Checking and rechecking all aspects of the home is crucial.

On the other hand, taking too long can lead to you losing out on the home of your dreams. Homes for sale in Cohoes NY don’t stay on the market very long. Being too tentative when it comes to decision-making can cost you.

Not enlisting the help of a Realtor®

The whole home buying process can be long, exhausting and confusing.

For the uninitiated, it can be overwhelming which can lead to poor purchases. Making sure you have a Realtor® on your side can alleviate a large amount of burden when buying a home.

For help with buying a home in Cohoes NY, call me Dawn McCurdy at 518-785-9900! I can make your home purchase as easy as 1, 2, 3!


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Sharon & Bruce Walter
Keller Williams Realty Lafayette, IN - Lafayette, IN
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Dawn, it really is scary to see buyers purchase a home with almost no money down and little in savings to cover the earnest money, inspection, closing costs, etc.  We agree that buyers should have a comfortable margin and not be living paycheck to paycheck.  

Aug 25, 2018 05:42 PM