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During the home buying process, keep your eyes peeled for flaws/features that may make or break the decision to buy the property. After all, few people are willing to purchase a home that will cost them thousands of dollars to repair. Yet, it is important to realize the following…No House is Perfect! When buyers find flaws, it’s important to differentiate between features that should be ignored and those that should be addressed. Understanding the difference between the two can prevent buyers from passing up their almost-perfect dream homes.

Features to ignore: Overlook cosmetic characteristics. This is primarily because new homeowners can make the changes themselves quickly and efficiently, and may benefit from personalizing their new purchase to their own tastes. For example, old or unappealing paint or wallpaper is a quick fix that can transform the way a home looks. The same holds true for other small fixes and improvements, such as doors, closets, cabinets, and fixtures. These features are inexpensive to replace and most are DIY projects. In addition, home improvement stores and warehouses are typically stocked with a variety of options and materials owners can choose from to individualize their new purchase and give their home a more modern look.

Features to address: Flaws that will be expensive to replace. The “bones” of the home should be sound before beginning the cosmetic work. For example, non-functioning HVAC systems, foggy windows or sliders (broken seals on dual pane windows cause moisture to build up in between panes. Electric bills go up when seals are compromised), roofing, plumbing, and electrical issues can cost many $$$ to replace. Home buyers should hire a home inspector to pinpoint significant and costly repairs, structural issues (i.e., rotting pilings - specific to the OBX location), mold, mildew, and water damage. These repairs should always be addressed and negotiated before closing on a home. Home sellers need to understand that these BIG $$$ flaws are not going away and they will have to be addressed prior to selling the home.


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The issues ou ignore are the ones thaat a buyer will point out in their offer.

Aug 26, 2018 06:05 PM