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5 Things That Make Grand Rapids Neat

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Number 3 will surprise you!

(no it won't)

In no way should this be taken with any credibility, but more an introspective opportunity to ask yourself; is this guy onto something?

Last summer, Grand Rapids was not the same. There were lots that were empty. Waiting.

Eventually, cranes showed up. The news tickers were ticking, journalists writing; new business -- coming to GR.

Fast forward 12 months, and we've reached a cultivation of new energy here. An urban grocery store, market-rate housing, and new hotels for the ever-increasing load of tourists and visitors coming to our city, all before our annual every-other-year-gem, ArtPrize 10 is here. Grand Rapids is truly on the rise to challenge Detroit as the Mitten State's number one city. 

Instead of boring everyone with statistics, we will take a more simplistic approach -- more like, a why not? approach.

Why not? - Grand Rapids Edition...kidding.

These are the 5 things that make our slice of paradise on the west side so neat:

1. Our economy is booming 

It's the nation's 3rd best, actually.

We have six (6!!!) new hotels being built downtown and over 4,000 new places to live, it's pretty easy to see that the downtown area alone is feeling the effects of growth. This isn't news to us though, as we've been pretty inclined to the growth the building of the Van Andel Arena back in '96. We are actually the fastest growing economy too, so there's that. http://headlightdata.com/fastest-growing-large-metro-economies/

2. We are super trendy

We are the 28th (tough street) most Hipster City in the U.S.

This one is subjective for some people. The thing is that Hipsters are widely defined as a person who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream. What people don't seem to understand is that Hipsters are actually great for moving the economy forward. Don't believe it? We have an entire program celebrating these hipsters...brewsaders.

3. We have Meijer...like, a ton of them.

Most midwesterners have local Meijer, but we have 6 in the metro GR area. Granted, Meijer originated here, but it's comical to a degree. We love the Thrifty Acres, here, however.

4. Beer...a lot of it.

Beer City, USA. Over 20 breweriesBeer TrolleysBeer Bikes.

It really is a broken record to speak of Grand Rapids and the beer scene here, but it is absolutely massive and needs to be mentioned in every GR blog ever.

5. Most balanced lifestyle

You want city life? You got it. You want rural peace? You (also) got it. Grand Rapids was recently named the #1 city for most balanced metro lifestyle in the US. That factored in these things:

  • Average commute times
  • How much of their incomes residents spend on housing
  • How many hours people work compared to how much they earn
  • Local income inequality
  • How many people are in very good or excellent health
  • Whether they get enough sleep at night
  • How local prices for typical consumer goods and services (excluding housing) compare with the national average

So, it should go without saying anything further that our city is neat. If you haven't visited us yet, what are you waiting for? Also, if you're a millennial, move here. We are the #2 place to be a millennial, but I didn't want to include that in the top 5 since that might make some generations mad. ;) -  Trulia.com