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I wanted to comment about the slow, almost subliminal decline in America's economy.  It is not just the slow down over the past four years and now stop in the housing market that is destroying the American economy.  The destruction of the American Dream of home ownership and having a decent place to live for all Americans has been a by-product of the continued decline of the American economy.  Virtually all countries thhat America interacts with have currencies that have overtaken the US dollar in value.  The news yesterday had economic analysists predicting $4.00+ per gallon gasoline prices in the very near future as crude oil reaches and exceeds $100 per barrel.  Traditional industries that run America - housing, construction,automobiles - are all in economic chaos.  The Stock Markets, which have always been driven by greed, appear to anxiously await the layoffs of more American workers as more companies implode.

AND NONE OF THIS NEEDS TO BE HAPPENING!  America is still the greatest country in the world.  We need to focus on real positive socio-economic issues that can be solved as they always have been throughout our history:  through positive, forward-thinking implementation of sound economic and humanistic policies.   The only thing wrong with America today is a complete lack of fortitude and leadership.  America seems to have lost its will to be the leader in the world where it counts humanely.  There is no focus on eleminating hunger, eradicating human rights abuse, or generally making the world a better place for all people. 

The desire for our children to grow up in a better world is still there.  The desire for improving our quality of life is still there.  The desire to achieve personal growth and security is still there.  The desire for responsible and affordable medical and retirement policies is still there.  But we need to change our focus to seek real answers to advance our economy and improve our lives.  Lets not just accept that $4 per gallon gasoline is inevatible, but rather seek solutions to keep it from happening.  Lets get back on track for moving housing growth forward.  The demand is and has always been with us to provide quality housing on all economic levels.  In other words, lets quit the doom and gloom attitude, and get back advancing our quality of life.

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Everyday, we put on the glasses when we go to work. . the dark ones or the rosy ones. . everyone has a choice.

May 28, 2008 12:22 AM
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It is not just the rising cost of gas at the pump. What is it going t o take to heat 4000 sq feet. How about the double digit food inflation. When riasing expenses year after year out increase salaries it is unsustainable. For many people there is now no credit to help them get through the month.

Jun 01, 2008 09:55 PM