3 Landscaping Projects Most Likely to Increase Home Value

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Home Projects to Increase Home Value

A recent study on landscaping projects that are likely to add the most value to your home and some are simpler than you think.  It is interesting to note the list has not changed much from recent studies.  This indicates that homebuyers value the simple things that increase curb appeal and make the home more livable or visually appealing.

One omission in the report is that most of the projects can be financed with a home renovation loan and included with other upgrades you may be considering such as kitchen and bath upgrades.  The key is, as long as it adds value, then it is generally allowed with a home renovation loan. 

Here are the 3 home Landscaping projects that are likely to add value to your home

Option 1 Landscape maintenance and overall upgrade 

This includes such items as (mulch application, pruning shrubs, planting trees, flowers)

Planting Trees and Shrubs: The saying goes the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago but the 2nd best time is today.  Aside from the many environmental issues, a properly selected tree can provide other benefits such as a windbreak, fruit (choose wisely),  shade and sound buffering.  The best time of year to plant a tree or any woody-stemmed plant such as shrubbery (aside from the obvious Monty Python Jokes) is the late autumn as noted in this article

Many Nurseries have big sales this time of year.  The selection may be smaller but the savings significant.  Trees and Shrubs planted during this time of year experience significant growth in the spring and are more likely to survive a hot summer because they have a much more developed root system than a planting in the spring and early summer.

Pruning Trees & Shrubs: The Winter is the best time to trim your Trees and shrubs.  Most of the plant's energy is devoted to root growth at this time and the sap has receded into the trunks.  Not only does this make it easier to prune and trim branches but the larger branches are lighter too!  While you can trim any time of year you'll be able to see the structure better if you are trimming a non-evergreen tree or shrub and make better cuts.

If you are doing extensive planting, upgrading and planting larger trees.  If it adds value to an appraisal then it can be included in a home improvement loan.

Option 2 Standard lawn care service 

Items such as fertilizer, weed control, & mowing the lawn while they can't be financed they do add to the curb appeal when selling

Option 3 New Patio, New Wood Deck, Spa, Outdoor kitchen, or Oasis

Since we're talking outdoors then as noted before any improvement, upgrade or function, accessibility, and livability are great value adds and can be added to a home remodel loan as long as it adds value.  While not all remodel loans allow the inclusion of amenities such as outdoor kitchens there are loans that do and we have them.

Contact us to explore more options in financing these improvements for your home and if you would like to view the full report Click here.


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