Made It To MediaVine!

Industry Observer with Manifest Like Whoa!

In my last post I wrote about how I was writing a post a day until I made it to 25,000 sessions to be approved to MediaVine, a popular ad network among bloggers. 


I had it all planned out that it would be hard and take forever, at least a month. Probably two. I was committed and went all in! Well... 22 days later I made it to 25,000 sessions, and 29 days later I'm at nearly 40,000! I can't believe it all happened so fast and it's very exciting... I'm not going to stop! 


Like, who stops when they're on a roll? I actually think that's the best time to keep plugging along. So I won't be doing a post every day, but I want to do at least 4 or 5 a week for another 3 weeks and see where that gets me. 


Posting every day was hard at first, but it got a lot easier the more I did it. None of my articles are below 1,300 words... though I know I want them to all be over 2,000. My thing is to make sure they're good quality, though not as long as they'd be if I did one a week. And once this mass production is over I'll have lots of evergreen content to go back through and add more to, update, beef up, monetize, etc... Maybe others wouldn't do it this way but one thing I've learned about all business is that you have to be you and do what makes you feel happy! 


That said, a few pieces I've written lately have gotten lots of attention, and it's really interesting to see which they are. It's never the ones you expect. It's 8 Intermittent Fasting Myths -- Busted. This one got the most page views I've ever had in one day -- over 3,000! Such an exciting time! Previously my top post was my  one-month intermittent fasting before and after results, which I'm proud to say still enjoys heavy traffic. I hope this one sticks once its virality dies down. 


I have so many posts that I'm unable to keep up with cycling them all through Pinterest. I like it this way though. I have no shortage of fresh content to promote, and in the meantime, I'm also joining new group boards and designing new pins. I have a killer Pinterest strategy that I've cobbled together by pulling the best tips from the top courses I've taken on the subject, and in just 2 months have grown my reach to 1 million viewers and around 1,500 followers. I'm loving it all right now... figuring out my own blogging systems and just going with the flow and seeing the numbers I want in return! 


Also... mailing list is booming! I'm getting on average 50-60 new subscribers per day all without paying for ads. I want an explosion there too. I'm going to eventually try Facebook paid ads, but first I see most of my signups are coming from one specific opt-in. I want to create a couple more opt-ins that convert just as well, and then cycle them all through Facebook. One opt-in is bringing me 40 subs per day. I want three opt-ins bringing me 40 subs a day for free, then promote the hell out of them with paid ads. I did not come to play.


Like... I see what's important with blogging and exactly how to get there. I want to be one of the "big girls" as I call them! It's just so exciting... the process in and of itself. Like, I love the subjects I'm writing about and helping people. I love the money that's coming. But I also LOVE the thrill of the chase... maybe even more.


I love finding new strategies to make things really explode. It's so fulfilling and FUN. Like... little old me? I'm just a once-poor kid who struggled really hard for a number of years and grew up to make a little something out of herself. I'm not special. I'm just a former struggling alcoholic who sobered up, tried some things and they seem to be panning out.


So... what if I work really hard and get to something crazy like a million or more monthly page views? And like 6 figure income per month? Or even more than that? If it happens to any other single person out there (and it does), why not me? 


Nothing is keeping me from that. I don't think there's anything keeping any of us from our dreams and goals. 


We just have to keep hunting and building systems and seeing what works. Then once we find what works... do MORE OF THAT THING. 


So fun! 


I heart blogging so hard.

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