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I have recently joined a LeTip group in Rockaway, New Jersey.  

It is basically a networking/referral type of group and I feel that it is going good.. although the number of referrals is small due to the nature of our business.  

An interesting note on one referral I received... I was out one day on a hike and the cellphone rang and a gentleman asked me to come and give a listing presentation on his 2.5 million dollar home. The referral came by way of a LeTip memeber's secretary that had seen me in the office and knew me to be an agent in that particular area! The member was not in the office at the time and the secretary took it upon herself to give out the referral... nice job! 

Any ideas on how to use the system to my better advantage or any help for receiving more refferrals would be greatly appreciated. 

P.S - We did not get the listing but it was close!(Nepotism!) 

Chip of LeTip 



05/28/2008 09:48 AM by Christopher "Chip" King ABR, R, QSC, BMF (Prudential New Jersey Properties) Edit Delete

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Chuck Gebert
Westlake Village, CA

Hi Chip,

I've been a long time member of BNI. I liked it better than LeTip due to the education they provide and the focus on quality.

Anyway, what really works is getting together with the members outside of your weekly meeting. Take them out for coffee, lunch, or drink. Ask them what a good referral is for them and where you can find their ideal client. In turn, share yours. IT WORKS! They will WANT to refer you because you are taking the time to learn how to refer them.


May 28, 2008 04:58 AM
Robin Whitt
Home Sales Associates - RE/MAX Realty Team - Cape Coral, FL

Hi Chip,

I have tried to contact LeTip about starting a group in my area but can't seem to get a response. Any ideas on who I would contact? Thanks

Jul 05, 2008 03:14 PM
Christopher "Chip" King

Hello Robin!

Yes, Please call or write Mister Quentin Wright.

His e-mail address is:


Quentin Wright - Mortgage Consultant

Cell: 908 581 5379  (7 days-a-week : 7am - 11pm)

He will be able to set you straight!



Jul 05, 2008 03:29 PM