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 Here's a matching exercise to help you learn some mortgage terms:              


1.     ___ Appraisal

2.     ___ Up-front charges

3.     ___ Closing

4.     ___ Closing costs

  5.   ___ Deed

  6.   ___ Earnest money

  7.   ___ Mortgage note

  8.   ___ PITI

     9.      ___ Points

     10.    ___ Title insurance

     11.    ___ Conventional mortgage


A.     Right of ownership and possession of a property.

B.     Document that transfers the title from the seller to the buyer.

C.     Fees charged at beginning of home-buying process, such as appraisal of the property.

D.     Money paid by buyer to seller at time an offer to purchase the home is presented.

E.     Professional estimate of what a home is worth, based on style, appearance, construction quality,              improvements, usefulness, and comparable value of nearby properties. 

F.     Principal, interest, taxes, and insurance-the 4 main parts of a monthly mortgage payment.

G.     Policy that protects buyer against errors, omissions, or defects in the title.

H.     Signed promise to repay mortgage loan in payments under pre-agreed terms and conditions.

I.      Final settlement of transfer of property.                                                       

J.      Fees and other charges paid by buyer and seller at closing.

K.     One point equals 1% of total mortgage amount.

L.     Mortgage not insured by government (such as FHA or VA loan).

Answer Key: 1(E), 2(C), 3(I), 4(J), 5(B), 6(D), 7(H), 8(F), 9(K), 10(G), 11(L).


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I like the blog.  Interactive=thumbs up.

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