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Selling Your Services. Is that something that we should do?  Should we tell the clients how great and wonderful and how valuable we are and what we bring to the relationship? Yes, but many don’t because we don’t want to be seen as conceded or pushy.  But we are experts and our field and we should be proud of that fact.  People hire us because we are supposed to know what to do and what we are doing.  It is up to us to analyze and be analytical, and in some cases be openly critical of the property we are showing our clients.  Don’t be afraid to honestly answer your client’s questions. For example, you client might ask you: “would you buy this house?” If the answer is no, and tell them why, they will trust your knowledge and your judgement. Many of you may say “yes”, I would buy this house, but in the back of your mind, you are calling it an “overpriced dump” because you are hoping for a quick sale, but your client will know that you are lying and not trust you at all, which will cause you to lose the sale and the client. They need you, so don’t be afraid to oversell your services first, and tell them how great you are. Show them the value of hiring you.  You are not just there show countless houses and to print out the contract. But give them some market insight about the pricing history of the house and about the market trends and all about things they should be looking for that they may not know.  As savory as the new millennium buyers and sellers are these days, they are not trained experts, you are.  Sell your services!

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That is what we do when we go on a listing appointment or a market

Sep 08, 2018 09:03 PM