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Michael Hobach here with some really exciting news!

Money Trouble Help Guide - Credit RepairI've been asked so many times in the last month for this that I just had to address it and make it happen...

So many Realtors, Investors, and other Real Estate Professionals have been asking if they could sell or give away my 'Money Trouble Help Guide'.

Today I am releasing for the first time ever - Resale Rights to a product that I produced. You will be happy to know that this is one of those books that just about everyone can re-sell.

Ok - no more noise, just visit the web site and get your order in right now...

Here's the thing - the first 30 orders are heavily discounted.

I am only releasing 100 copies of Resale Rights. You can see on the sales page that there are limits to how many can be released at the discounted and regular amounts.

You will receive a copy of the book in PDF format. This copy has be modified so that you can print it for your customers without copyright infringement notices. The original book has several notices that would cause your customers to question the validity of the copy they are buying. Plus...

Graphics... I am including the graphics for the cover and spine. Should you want to 3-hole punch the book (200 pages) and slide the color inserts in for the cover and spine - you will have them.

In also including the 3-d graphics for a web page or other advertising should you wish to use them.

The sales page does not mention these graphics so I wanted to let you know that you do get them!

One last thing - if you have already purchased the Money Trouble Help Guide, there is no discount for the resale rights license!

To your success...

Michael Hobach


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