Close Sales Like a Machine: How A Real Estate Agent Can Improve Sales

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The housing market has recovered over the last decade turning some areas into hotbeds of real estate. Closing sales on homes is the main priority of any real estate agent so improvement is imperative to increase annual income. An agent that consistently boosts their sales numbers can be given the best listings that an agency has available. Like any other job small changes in routine or tweaks to marketing can yield improved results. The most important thing to do when changing routines or other sales tactics is to track its impact on sales. Not tracking changes cannot give a realistic look at an improvement or decrease in closed sales.  Below are tips that will help an agent close deal after deal.

Partner With A Lender

Finding a lender to partner up with allows an agent to prequalify prospects as well as make the buying process much easier. Far too much time is wasted by agents showing homes to people that might not even have the credit to qualify for a car loan let alone a mortgage on a home. This will also help streamline communication as far as getting documents together to apply for the loan. Miscommunications between agents and lenders can lead to a buyer rethinking their decision or the closing date being delayed. Lenders that qualify potential buyers can pass those leads off to you as the agent if your closing rates are high. Lenders might have multiple agent partners so stay ahead of the competition by closing every possible home sale or purchase.

Follow Up With Former Clients

The most important thing that you can do as far as former clients go is stay in contact. This could be a monthly newsletter sent to their email outlining the market outlook as well as having some tips on how to get a home ready to sell. The best case scenario is that of a former client reaching out for help selling their home and signing with you to help them purchase their future home. It is not advisable to call these former clients as this can be seen as too pushy but things like email blasts and holiday cards can make all of the difference. People would rather opt for an agent they have worked with than a random agent if they had a positive buying/selling experience the first time.

Asking these former clients for referrals with an incentive can help out as well. Something like a gift card might not seem like a lot but a personal referral to someone looking to purchase a home can end up in thousands of dollars’ worth of commission. Those people with great experiences with you as their agent are sure to tell family and friends about you when the question becomes “Do you know any great real estate agents?”

Zillow/Trulia Are Huge Resources

Investing money in advertising on home selling websites can be important. Getting leads on certain homes through these websites can help increase sales numbers. The only issue with this is that at times these buyers will not be qualified financially and in essence are a waste of an agent’s time. Manage your reviews on these sites as well as one poor review can lose an agent multiple prospects in the future. For satisfied clients ask them to give a review and reward them with a gift card or housewarming present.

Creating A Digital Presence

Independent real estate agents are going to need a digital presence in the form of a website. A business listing on Google is not enough as the agent will want maximum exposure. Ranking on the first page on Google for real estate related terms can lead an independent agent to increase sales exponentially. Setting up a website using WordPress can be much more affordable than many agents think. Then the website should be filled with contact info, blog posts to educate buyers/sellers, and testimonials of former clients that could not be happier with the service provided. People do not just want to go with anyone as their agent so allow them to get to know you through the website before making this important decision of agent selection. For some agents it might be wise to outsource their digital marketing effort to professionals. Plenty of digital marketing companies have established relationships in certain niches which can help jumpstart an agent’s brand in a matter of weeks.

Set goals of selling one more house than the month before then perfect the game plan to achieve this goal. Small details can make a huge difference in sales so manage the details that are in your control!



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