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With the recommendation of BRAC (Base Realignment and Closure) Comission, Fort McPherson in Georgia was recommended for closure.  With this closure, 30,000 military personnel will be shifted to Fort Bragg.  Along with the transfer of thousands of military members, the command for FORSCOM will shift to Fort Bragg as well, bringing an influx of civilian contractors and their families. 

Western and Southern Harnett County have traditionally been rural areas with farms and forests covering much of the rolling sandhills.  Military families choose homes in Harnett County to avoid the congestion and population density of Fayetteville while still being close to Fort Bragg and Pope Air Force Base.  The rural nature or Harnett County is evolving to more of a bedroom community as more homes are built. 

With the arrival of thousands of people will come a need to build more hospitals, retail outlets, and schools.  According to local school officials, over 600 additional new students have registered at Harnett County schools each of the last 2 years.  Harnett County is also in the process of building a new hospital as well.  Harnett County is due to receive $70 million in the coming years from the federal government to offset the costs of infrastructure, with the bulk of that going to new school construction.

In the past, retail shopping in the parts of Harnett County closest to Fort Bragg have been limited, with residents typically driving into either Fayetteville, Sanford, or Raleigh.  A new Walmart Supercenter opened in Spring Lake two years ago, and another one is being built Southeast of Sanford.  Continued increases in the population of the area along with an expanded sewer network may spur retail development within this part of Harnett County in the coming years.

Builders in the area are building new homes at a pace which is unprecedented for the area.  New developments are springing up faster than maps can be revised.  On the neighborhoods section of my own website, Harnett County Neighborhoods, the most recent aerial photos of areas where subdivisions now stand frequently show the forests, fields, and farms that were there just months ago.  The neighborhoods being built range from mobile home communities, such as Carolina Hills, to moderately priced communities, such as Richmond Park, to upscale gated communities with lakes, golf courses, and community swimming pools, like Carolina Lakes and Anderson Creek Club.  All of the many neighborhoods in this area have their own unique character.  Finding the right one can be difficult but well worth the search.

There is no doubt that the increase in population in the Southern and Western parts of Harnett County will change the area dramatically, but with the proper planning and foresight, these changes should have a net positive impact on the area.  For more information on real estate and homes in this area, browse my website, Sanford NC Real Estate, or email me.


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