3 Ways Pre-Construction Condo Directories Drive Conversions

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Pre-construction condos are hot commodities in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Lower price and greater choice are its biggest selling points among real estate buyers. Buyers are given time to raise the money and pay out their down payment in increments leading up to the closing, which is generally in two to three years from the purchase date. As well, they are sold on the idea that they will be the first owners of the home and will have input into where the home is located, how it is put together, and what personalized elements should be added. The popularity of pre-construction condos in the GTA has driven many real estate professionals to focus on this area of real estate.


Unfortunately, the key role REALTORS® play in the pre-construction condo purchasing process is being downplayed by buyers. They fail to realize that REALTORS® are their go-to for VIP access and will notify them about where the best prices and floor plans are available before the buildings goes to the public market. They instead opt to go directly to the builder to make their necessary purchases without understanding the terms of agreement in full. In doing so they lose out on massive savings - by the time the building plan has reached public market, 50% of the units have been taken and the prices have increased.


To assist real estate professionals in helping discerning buyers get the best bang for their buck, InCom Web and e-Marketing Solutions’ web development team has launched a landing page directory for pre-construction condo projects. The directory features a very user-friendly search tool and VIP Registration area that easily nurtures qualified leads.


3 Ways Pre-Construction Condo Directories Drive Conversions | Real Estate Web Design

The following are 3 reasons why pre-construction directory landing pages are worth investing in. Including one on your website will add authority and trust to your brand and set your REALTORS® up for lead generation success.


Reason #1:

The VIP registration form is conversion driven. It prompts visitors who like what they see on the landing page to register their contact information and receive VIP updates and invitations. Nobody does lead capture better than InCom. Our real estate web design team optimizes each lead capture form after extensive A/B testing. We install tracking tools to measure each lead generator’s performance and to ensure that the bounce rates are optimal after installation. Our lead capture tool is also friction-free, meaning it is the optimal in length, optimized for the mobile, and empowered with juicy call-to-actions.


Reason #2:

The number one, most important, most impactful, and most controllable factor in marketing pre-construction condos is the quality of the multimedia. Our pre-construction condo directory pages are content rich with multimedia, offering visitors a rich user experience. Tools such as Google Street View, Neighbourhood Amenity Plotter, and Photo display will have your website visitors returning for more. Customers will feel like they are more informed about decision making after viewing the contents of each property listing and will be keener to work with you to make their dream home a reality.


Reason #3:

Creating a pre-construction condo directory listing is an innovative strategy. It gives you a competitive advantage because you now have developed a product that differentiates your company and meets the need of your customers more efficiently than your competitors. The features of our directory (e.g., Google Street View, Neighgbourhood Amenities Plotter) offer customers an exceptional value because competitors will have a difficult time imitating them or providing substitutes that offer the same value.


Use Web-Based Marketing to Your Advantage

Having a professional real estate website is the first step to outdoing your competition. What will make you better, and help you garner more clients, are bespoke landing pages. InCom can provide great-looking landing pages that help you convert visitors into clients. There simply is no better choice.


The best landing pages will benefit you as an agent, as well as those buying and selling homes, regarding real estate lead generation. You need to cater to all relevant audiences with any webpage, especially a landing page. If you want to do things right, the first time, choose InCom.


View an example of our Pre-Construction Condo landing page here.

Or access this link to learn more about InCom's landing pages for real estate lead generation.

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