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September! A great month for appreciation. Be in Mexicos independence day or my humble memory of September 11th 2001. In honor of those that have fought on both sides of the border for freedom for love of country. In times of war.... I do not take this life for granted and I know many have paid the ultimate price for the freedom I am so very fortunate to have. I did not mean to go this direction with an intro for our newsletter about the good life in Rocky Point but I just watched a video of the attacks in 2001 one and I sat here covering my face at my desk.... 

May not matter to some the price paid for the good that has been done in the times of trial - but for those that believe the land we walk on. I am talking about Mexico and the US. For those that understand how much good had been done and how free we actually are - I am here to serve you.

Here is to your good life!
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Branden MacKenzie
RE/MAX Legacy

Topics Of The Month
A.  Celebrating Mexicos Independance Day!

B.  Remembering September 11, 2001.
C. Embracing Freedom
D. Quick Links to Your Favorite Areas
E. Amazing Opportunities 
F. Best Services In Rocky Point
G. Sold Report
H. Events Of The Month
I. Grant MacKenzie Jr. RE/MAX Platinum Living Arizona

A. Mexico Independence Day! Freedom 

This month
is one of my favorite times as I live here in Mexico. To see the Mexico flag being flown all over Penasco makes me proud to be here. I know my roots began in the US but after 12 years of living here I can't help but feel fortunate to be a small part of the great country.

September 16, 1810
Independence Day in Mexico. Independence Day (Día de la Independencia) is a Mexican holiday to celebrate the “cry of independence” on September 16, 1810, which started a revolt against the Spaniards. It follows from the day of the Cry of Dolores (El Grito de Dolores), on September 15

B. We will never forget - September 11th 2001

I was stationed in South Korea Camp Greaves 1st - 506 Infantry - in the barracks - stood there watching the TV... no words .....


 C. Embracing Freedom

It's amazing the freedom we have and yet so many are glued to the phone as apposed to the world infront of them. I know I have my moments but if I was to communicate an idea, a vision of freedom.... it may not be from an evil dictator but our own lack of ability to truly be in the very moment we are so fortunate to posses. Like an amazing meal paid for with a server to keep our drinks full... and the best so many can do is give each other the freedom to not take their time away from the games they play on their ipads or the folks checking facebook while the moments slip away. I see it, I do it, I recognize it and I will change it - now.
Here's a great article I found about embracing a life of freedom. Not a big deal till its to late! Lets step up a little for all of those who sacraficed and continue to serve so we can be free.

Click here!

By Jamelle Sanders 

D. Quick Links to Your Favorite Areas



Bella Sirena - Sonoran Spa - Sonoran Sea - Sonoran Sun - Sonoran Sky

Las Palmas - Las Palomas - Princesa - Las Gaviotas - Pinacate - Esmeralda

Puerta Privada - Encanto Living - Luna Blanca Costa Diamante - Playa Dorada

Other Beach Areas

Las Conchas - Playa Encanto - Playa La Jolla Mirador - Sandy Beach

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E. Amazing Opportunities 

Beautiful Ocean Front Condo at Princesa E 304
Listed at $269,900 / Click Here for more details

Great Ocean Front Condo at Bella Sirena A 202
for more details Click Here / Listed at $339,900

Amazing Condo Opportunity at Bella Sirena B205
for more details Click Here / Listed at $299,900

Fantastic Ocean View Home Located in Las Conchas
for more details Click Here / Listed at $389,900

Outstanding Ocean Front Home in Las Conchas
for more details Click Here / Listed at $108,000 

Beautiful beachfront 1/6 Equity Share at Playa Encanto
Listed at $184,900 / Click here for more details!


Wonderful beachfront 1/8 Equity Share at Las Conchas
Listed at $98,000 / Click here for more details!


Absolutely amazing new penthouse at Las Palomas Coronado 1601
Listed at $899,900/ Click here for more details


Phenomenal Parcel of Land to build a dream home! located in Playa Vista
Listed at $1,190,900 / Click Here for more details


F. The Best Services in Rocky Point 

Best Salon In Rocky Point Mexico! 
For years I have been feeling much better after a great haircut thanks to Diana. I am beyond excited for her new Salon she has opened up just behind Coffee Point on Benito Jaurez northwest of the baseball stadium. Be it on vacation or those that live here give Diana a call. Congrats again Diana! Appreciate all you do!


For more information Click Here!

One of the best builders in Rocky Point Mexico

Buying land and building is on the rise. Hard not to see the value and opportunity. Take a look at this absolutely amazing home I was so fortunate to walk through with Mr. Soto who built the home. I have been fortunate to see many homes in my 12 years of doing real estate here in Rocky Point and when I walked in ....... spectacular and breathtaking. An amazing home with so much detail to the higher standard of finishings not to mention a phenomenal layout. For great guidance if considering building contact Fausto Soto! 

Fausto Cesar Soto Lizarraga 


G. Sold Report

Great to of course see what is for sale but equally interesting to see what has sold.

Take a look and send me questions as every purchase has a story!


For the MLS Sold Report Click here!

H. Events of the Month
September 10 - Theatre, Rafael Devia at Kilombo - 8:30pm
September 11 - Nature Talks  (English) - 2:00pm
September 11 - Cine Martes / Tuesday Night Art Flick - 8:00pm
September 13 - Connection Club - 4:00pm
September 15 - Charla Medioambientales - 2:00pm
September 15 - Nature Talks - 4:00pm
September 15 - Canelo vs. Golovkin at La Cantina Sport Bar - 5:35 to 6:35pm
September 15 - Canelo vs. Golovkin at Tekila Bar - 7:00pm
September 15 - Fiesta Mexicana and Box at La Cantina - 7:00pm
September 15
- Mexican Independence Celebration at City Hall - 7:00pm

For more information Click Here!

I. GRANT MACKENZIE JR. RE/MAX. Platinum Living Arizona


Grant N. MacKenzie
RE/MAX Platinum & RE/MAX Legacy

Client Testimonial.-

We have been looking to buy a second home in Mexico for over 10 years.  We have traveled all over Mexico and every time we check out the local real estate.  About two years ago Puerto Panasco came into our radar and we were fortunate enough to connect with Branden MacKenzie.  He started emailing us properties and was always there to answer our questions.  We never got the feeling that maybe after two years he thought we were just wasting his time. Oct. 2014 we decided to finally go in person and check out Puerto Penasco and we fell in love.  It was the perfect match of affordability, luxury and potential.  His wife Reyna also helped us with facilitating the closing of our villa at Las Palmas and she was so patient with us.  We had more questions than answers initially.  Buying in Mexico can seem very overwhelming because it is a totally different process than buying real estate in the states.  I own a real estate franchise and probably hold other realtors to a higher standard than most people do and Branden went above and beyond even my expectations.  Reyna was there to answer every question thoroughly with her knowledge and expertise that proved to be invaluable.

I would highly recommend both Reyna and Branden to anyone looking to invest in Puerto Penasco real estate. We wanted a second home that would pay for itself, and that is exactly what was delivered for a price that made sense to us.  Now we just literally pinch ourselves every time we walk into our beach front villa.

Thanks MacKenzie Team – You guys Rock!!!

Dawn Heilbrun

Hope you enjoy this monthly newsletter, thank you for letting me keep you posted on Rocky Point - if you or someone you know is interested in Rocky Point I am here to help!

It is a good life!
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