Consistent Marketing

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The single most important key to effective marketing is consistency. Unfortunately most agents are inconsistent marketers.

Do something to constantly stay in front of prospects and customers. Buy a bus bench which people see everyday. Sign up for an email marketing program like eProspecting which automatically sends email messages a couple of time a month for years.

Whatever you do you must be consistent. Coca Cola knows they must advertise every single day to keep their market share. Like us they never know when a consumer will take an action, but they do know they need to top of mind all the time.

One thing we know about our clients is what we don't know. We rarely know when a client will make that next decision to buy or sell a piece of real estate.

Tip for the day is to br consistent in whatever you do.

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JC Melvin - Commercial & Business Broker
JC Melvin - KW Southwest - Las Vegas, NV
The ONE Thing Workshop Trainer

Terry, thanks for a logical and simple tip of the day. The problem, I think, that gets in our way is having a system to be consistent....and then following that system. I've seen some great stuff in the Millionaire Real Estate Agent book... JC from Vegas

May 28, 2008 08:53 AM